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Freedom Fighter Friday #3 – Self Defense Stories

Support the Channel Channel Sponsors Optics Planet Use code “Birdzell5” for 5% off your entire order OpticsPlanet: NSR Tactical – use discount code “BIRDZELL” Every Friday we learn lessons from self defensive situations from around the United States. 12-year-old shot near Quincy and Broadway


Patrick D says:

Always enjoy your content, keep up the good work, however my wife makes me turn the volume way down because she says you sound Gilbert Gottfried (the guy who self identified as a comedian). God bless you Billy Birdzell.

mikedifeo says:

Great vid. Oohrah ! ! !, Semper Fi. Love you vids. Keep them coming.

James Vogel says:

Fair and honest presentation. I love this series!! Dont’ stop.

DTKT Defensive Concepts says:

Hopefully my case will be handled before december is through, I would love to pass it on to you to let others hear it. There are news stories but they lack detail.

tag1out says:

Didn't you make a video about how bad guys never take good guys gun and uses it on the good guy? Ooops

knine1833 says:

Monroe city, Ouachita parish, no counties in La. by the way Monroe is in the F.B.I. database top 20 most dangerous city's  per capita.

Nate The Great says:

Excellent stories! Great work yet again, keep ‘em coming!

lamont814 says:

Thanks for helping us improve our situational awareness skills Billy.

bigbangnone says:

Stop the Democrat gun ban !!!!!

Tony Westin says:

Your best vid on the topic yet. The good, the bad and the need for constant learning.

G Sligo says:

People, lock down your perimeter.

Adam Totten says:

That first story is a SET-UP.

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