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First Firearms Student of Mine In A Defensive Gun Use Caught on Camera

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@privateassman8839 says:

Filmed on a dirty car window

@anthonyjonas6236 says:

No more endo ,gin or juice. Im on my way to Chino rolling in a Grey goose.

@doc5061 says:

I live 45 minutes away from battlecreek and didnt even hear about this till now

@douglasgonzalez6210 says:

The time is only 8 pm

@sgtzsquad says:

Disparity of force situation.

@pap0618 says:

It’s so nice to not drink anymore and zzz at 10pm

@marly3989 says:

You out for a good time and you end up making a mockery of yourself and end up losing your life.. smh

@uptowngrafx says:

Play stupid games ….you know the rest

@jimv.661 says:

I'm glad those days are years behind me. I have never had anything good come from being drunk.

@FilipeSantos665 says:

Ja percebi que você usa muitos vídeos do Brasil 👌👈💁

@Marin3r101 says:

Dont you mean "caught on potato"?

@Jayx12420 says:

This is my hometown. I definitely let out an audible "OH SHIT" When you said "Today's video comes to us out of Battle Creek Michigan" When this happened, there was a HUGE uproar for justice for the guy who was killed. Now that the video is released, I hope people will change their minds.

@shaydenpardoe6112 says:

hahaaha nice!

@RasAlHaq says:

FAFO'd the F outta there… 💀

@kosher8720 says:

I’m sorry Adam had to experience that. But somewhere Darwin is smiling.

@Nowhere888 says:

Actuarial statistics indicate that if you avoid drugs or alcohol and the people who use drugs or alcohol the chances of a homicide drop below 5%. Stay safe by staying away from drugs and alcohol. You will live longer. I thought under Michigan CPL law that a person in a justified shooting had civil immunity from civil lawsuits. I bet the civil suit get thrown out on summary disposition. Non-lethal force is a legal term of art and punches don't fit the legal definition from the case law of lethal force.

@davidhandyman7571 says:

John, what is supposed to happen while waiting for the police to arrive? With that many people erupting into extreme violence, the police can only arrive to take statements after the fact. It happened so quickly that he was involved regardless of anything. I think you gave mixed messages. You shouldn't get involved but he was doing his job. Let the others deal with it, but there were so many involved. The evidence of that is that the guy was being attacked by two assailants while his colleagues were busy with others. This is why I never got involved with club or pub security throughout my security career.

@mattcremers8452 says:

John doesn't seem to know what he's talking about so in the State of Florida just bruising is a reason to use a firearm and if someone punches you and continues to punch you and is not stopping you draw a firearm and he is continuing to punch you and you shoot him you are not going to jail for a long time at least maybe till trial

@jspades619 says:

This is why I don’t attend bars anymore.

@ZXLNT says:

Chuck is a great guy. Dispatched for him many years at Topeka Police..

@GiveMeYoSammich says:

When someone is identified as a guard and you choose to gang up on him than you have a possibility of forfitting your life, if security is involved with you, you're in the wrong

@Burps___ says:

When the security began clearing the place, and certainly when the fight starts breaking out, why is a bar employee not trained to throw on the overhead lights? Like a concert, lights come on, show's over. Safer for everyone, no hiding in the shadows. 💡

@jefffrei4671 says:

Disgusting 😅

@robertballesteros1187 says:

civil suit would be appropriate against the bar owner for allowing three times as many patrons, well over the limited capacity.

@MindFullCheeseburger says:

Fafo moment

@Alice-vc3hj says:

Couldn’t melt me and pour me in a place like that

@Alice-vc3hj says:

Did you hear that woman saying O MY GOD. ! Over and over.
What did she expect. It was going to happen sooner or later !

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