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Filipino Police Officer Is Ready To Defend In The Moment

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Marilyn Barcelon says:

Here's the article about the video –

And the video interview with the policeman –

The policeman did just what John's keep on saying – the importance of awareness. Thank you John and your team! 💓💓💓

Love Scotland says:

OMG take your $600 and shove it! So sick of people wanting money! What a bunch of Scum Bags!

Matt Wolder says:

Comes says hi to John *gets shot*
Haha love the breakdowns

Chancey says:

Great to see Stephanie!! And the lovely Mrs. ASP.

R B says:

I am glad that you are training people to help you out.

You are helping lot of people and we want you around for a long time without burning out.

She has excellent clarity and colourful voice for explaining what goes on.

She and Buddha Man would be great helpers for you !!!!!!!!

Excellent learning for Awareness are here today !!!!

rafkong says:

Advertising a car dealership, asking for a $600 donation…. First time I’ve DISLIKED A VIDEO on this channel

Dustin Martinez says:

That lonely pair of chanclas 😂😂😂

Martin Rademakers says:

Filipino police, are mainly issued a revolver as a side arm, and typically keep that same issued sidearm for many years. Its part of them everyday, and thats why his quick draw was fast and on target from just 3 feet away. No safety to worry about, no clip malfunction to worry about.

ConspiracytardHunter420 says:

really don't need the bitch talking in these, annoying voice

Vitaly says:

Contacted the FHFC folks that run the conference with some questions about attending (and an offer for some free photography for y’all for promotion) but have yet to receive a response. Is there a good person to directly contact? Thanks

Jr S says:

Chancletas….when I’m home they are footwear requirement…

Amos Primus says:

"am you host as always john corea and with me today-"
" ceo fire arms instructor"
"oh ok"

kronichaze says:

he left the homeless a free pair of slides… good guy.

mustangkrillin says:

That's probably the best cold opener yet 😂

Curtis Szymczyk says:

He choot heem out of his choos!

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