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Fighting Self Defense/Fall_18_ Rolling Tutorial | Shaolin Kung Fu

Hello everyone 🙂
In this video i’m sharing with you “Jiu Di Shi Ba Gun (Fall 18 Rolling)” It’s one of self defense movement base on the floor. so use this to keep the safe distance and get back your nature position as soon as possible. It’s a quite sample movement but still need a lots work make it as good as useful.
Hope you like it and be safe enjoying your training.


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Piro Ducati says:

Lovely video 👍

Errikos Solomos says:

You are the best kung fu master!

Lion jam says:

is useful , thank you for posting this video 🖒

Lion jam says:

i love it , i love your video

Franswa says:

Please post more self-defense techniques. That would be very helpful.

Sunil Masih says:


Dorian TKD says:

4.28 poor camera 😂😂

Hancock Black says:

Amizing ❤😘

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