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Fight To Not Be Taken To A Second Location

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Eradicator says:

youtube keeps showing your old videos in my recommended and i look and you have 5 new vids up. this makes me sad 😀

Flashing Lights Against the Sky says:

South Africa. Anyone think maybe it was better BEFORE the change? Gee, I wonder why? It is about control of a particular population that REQUIRES control to be happy. You see what you get when that control is lifted. You'll scream "RAYCISSSSSS" but, inside, where no one hears you, you will know it is the truth.

Kon Rose says:

Happens all the time in this [email protected] hole. P.s. you can't use deadly force in this country because you will end up in jail and not the criminal. P.s our government has decided to release 19,000 prisoners to stop the spread of the corona virus. Fun!

Brian Jordan says:

Put your keys in your hand so the two longest keys stick out between your fingers. Every time you get in or out of your car. Always lock your doors. When in doubt, throat punch.

B J says:

I'm sorry but y'all are crazy if you think one older woman can take on 3 grown men. No amount of planning can prevent every single crime and thinking otherwise is a cope. She didn't "let herself" be taken to another location. She was physically picked up and shoved into a vehicle. That's completely different from agreeing when a gun is held to your head.

Jason says:

Glad you talked about falling to the ground. You never see that in these situations. The victim usually walks along with them which is basically assisting in your abduction. I think it would be good to show a whole video on pulling guard, which is what this is.

gai sai says:

How can I send him a video?

Dennis B says:

Again, one man should never be able to control 1 woman. the media makes you think so. this woman acted like a victim and became one. think of a man as a video game when he attacks you begin playing the game:
1) Hold up both hands as if surrendering and then insert both thumbs in their eyes. (cut your thumbs in a triangle shape so they can be used as knives..
2) kick in the groin
3) place your keys between your fingers and punch them with them.
3) slap them in either ear. don't believe that works? slap your own ear real softly. See what I mean?
4) kick in the shin
5) head butt their nose every chance you get
6) sock or push them in the nose hard. Let the push explode into their nose.
7) pull lose from the arm grab where their thumb and finger connect. all arms are stronger than those two fingers
8) sock them in the Adam's apple
9) slap them on their neck below and slightly behind their ear
10) bite them/eat them, Become a savage beast. (This is especially effective if the worst possible scenario is happening. especially if you feel you're going to die later.)
11) grab and break their pinky finger
Elbows to the teeth whenever available.
12) grab their hair if long and drop and let your weight pull them to the ground
13) Take off your high heels and go to work.
14) As you do all this if they keep approaching you back up in the shape of an S. (have someone fake attack you and you'll see why)
The key is to do one after another quickly and repeatedly. Especially if their drunk. If you get assaulted by 1 drunk man then you didn't try or didn't know about these techniques. Drunk people have a 1-second delay in everything, ?this should make you lightning-fast. If you ever have to fight a man fights him when he's drunk using these techniques. Especially if kidnapped. The drunker the better. Act like you drinking too so he will get ridiculously drunk then let him have it.
P.S. every woman should have a stun gun or mace or a gun. A requirement of existing on this very sick planet.
Homemade mace is ammonia in a squirt bottle or in any container and throws it on them as they come for you. It's not perfect but its better than nothing. Thus 5 minutes from now you could have some protection!!!
Believe me, one day, some guy will come for you too. will you be ready?
One guy can not take down one woman. that has to be your mind set.

sodajr says:

That is so scary!! Thank goodness she survived!

That one dude says:

Criminal evil exist, and I don't suffer any blind denial of that. Maybe she could have ran, but definitely better to go down fighting…professionally, I have sen it get far worse afterwords.

john plaid says:

A white woman in South Africa unarmed? Females! Get away from hauling around your possessions and carry just a gun, phone and driver license.

Javier Gonzales says:

In an SOCIALISTIC, overpopulated and chaotic "Country" as South Africa, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN !
God Bless the United States of America and the Second Amendment !

Its Always Sunny In Portland Oregon says:

I’m surprised that more videos on this channel aren’t out of South Africa

Chad Sanborn says:

Safe=alive but not beaten or raped. Thats my fight or die time. Id rather die in public fighting for my life than raped and beaten in private with no chance.

David Bracewell says:

But people just standing there and do nothing my father in heaven said 😇✝️🛐✝️😇🛐 stand up for your brother in need

Mr Hansen says:

She was released because of a social media outrage? Why dont I buy that?

John Wayne says:

I hit the thumbs down just to change things up.

Jeffrey B says:

Well she just stood there and waited for the second guy to come get here. 😳

Coleman Higley says:

South Africa is lost. They will never recover. Sad. Dont worry S.A the U.S is right behind you. We will be a 3rd world shithole soon.

MPGunther1 says:

John, Thank you for today's lesson

TomiBonTomi says:

Why did she not use her RUN FU? Gees, did we lose all of our good insticts already?

Javier Rivera 7470 says:

Thanks she is alive , that is what matter here . A 6:00 minutes video that can be resumed in 2:00 🤷🏻‍♂️

Cameron Fielder says:

Thank god she is safe. I hope they got the guys. Fear can paralyze a person but you must fight tooth and nail when they try to take you. As a man this is not a real fear (unless you’re in the mafia lol) but as a women this is a very real danger. If they want to take you it’s so they can rape and murder you. You have to know that and you have to fight. As I’m writing this John is saying pretty much the same thing lol.

Arthur Clements says:

You have to wonder about her and the men in her life. Why is she in public alone and disarmed in a place where this happens often? I want to feel bad for her but I want to know more facts first.

Donald Duck says:

Imagine a world without evil

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