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Fight Like No One Is Coming To Save You

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Ed says:

The reason why no one comes, because they usually die too

Poe Outdoors says:

Your content teaches us a lot of lessons. Unfortunately one of those is the world is full of cowards.

FJ Fischer says:

That shop owner is an awful human…walked right by our victim.

HD Keemii says:

Hope no one buys from that store again..

Eli Elfassy says:

In Israel she would get help and almost immediately people will know how to stop her bleeding… Learn how to stop a bleeding!!!

Elliot says:

Low Information Self Defenders…..Great term. Rush would have been proud. He watches over us all.

Richard Sanchez says:

That store owner should be ashamed of himself. I'm not saying he could have went out to help when the robber was there but certainly after that fact. He just starts closing his store rather than helping. What an A hole.

Jagger Salapayne says:

That is the kind of society America has become… sad and pathetic.

David Mauck says:

Humanity is a fuckin joke these days.

Virvum Juggernaut says:

Always encouraging to see such selfless acts of courage and compassion for fellow citizens.

Huey Dex says:

This is why you carry. If I had my firearm on me, this guy is getting mag dumped. And then mag dumped again. And again

Chaos Omega says:

Took her to the hospital and what? It cut off…


Lesson here: give up your purse when someone sticks a gun in your face.

Mark Langston says:

I think translation or mistake must have happened with the “automatic transmission” who knows how to drive manual but not automatic lol

Fraser Allen says:

Fought hard for the purse but did nothing to try and save her own life. Makes no sense.

SpartacusColo says:

Prey animals go for the easiest meal: unarmed old lady is easy pickings.

Ryan Duchaine says:

just being funny… but, where are you going to carry a first aid kit IF the perps are trying to grab all the bags and stuff your carrying?… 😆

Michael Palacio says:

Remind me never to go to Argentina ever!!

Psycho says:

A.K.A. fight like you live in uvalde

Sky1 says:

I no longer keep any identifiable information in my car, no registration, no receipts even remove home from the GPS. If they get my keys, I don't want them coming to my home.

Humberto Medina says:

POS people. They will remember this lady when they are facing the same need and no one comes to help them. It will haunt them for ever.

Don Solis says:

Capitalism, humanity's biggest enemy. smh

Gary Trudel says:

The amount of people that will die for materialistic things is astounding to me. How much will you die for? $100, 1,000 , 10,000? I doubt she had more than a couple hundred bucks.. SMH

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