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Exercises in Futility – CrossFit is the WORST Self-Defense Program (Pt. 2)

Watch me roast a CrossFit self-defense instructor who thinks exercising is practically the same as martial arts training. GYM APPAREL & COACHING ► OPTIMIZE YOUR SUPPLEMENT STACK ► USE MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS ► FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: Comedic Juggernaut Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “ZERO” video by M. Vesely Part 1:


97VobraOwner says:

That was hard to watch…. even as a parody, the fact that people actually paid to be “instructed “ on such heinous bs is shocking.

Tsar Gaming says:

Put them in a ring, they won't last 2 seconds, that is, if they manage to walk towards the fighter after the fist bump.

JoshDoingThings says:

College Trapstone Project.

Also, I did have a crossfitter tell me he wanted to train Muay Thai with me. He observed the class once and never came back. If only he knew these sick techniques…

avraham baruch says:

Whattttt?? Someone get sagat in here.
Dude need a schooling regarding elbows

Ramsey comics says:

the set belt thing was the most embarrassing thing I have ever seen

Eightyhate says:

weaponized autism

Carlos Cruz says:

"Chad sensei" indeed.

zviad bakradze says:

Yep definitely taking self defence classes from a dude who does not do martial arts that sounds right.

Zippitty22 says:

When people ask, "what is crossfit."
This. This is crossfit in a nutshell, included ego and thought process and everything.

anthony James says:

If you pay for this you don’t deserve money.

michaelkeha says:

"thrown more power punches than some pro boxers in some fights' there is many things wrong with this statement all of them should end in the result of you getting your head punched off your shoulders.

Matthew Zito says:

So when someone grabs your lead leg for a takedown, you're supposed to just let him have it be throwing a weak knee to the body?

John Rhodes says:

"You've already sparred ZERO minutes at the box this week."

cocaineboi rippin a fat bong hit says:

Throwing a ball against a wall makes you on par with professional boxers?
chuckles in heavy bag combinations

George says:

What a scam

Dr. DeadPool says:

How to spot a CrossFit guy:

-let’s everyone know he does CrossFit
-wears a CrossFit shirt everyday
-is always flexing while telling people he does CrossFit

Natalie E. says:

Whoo, where do I sigh


Now to work on my hammer fists.

Dom Snow says:

CrossFit is a plague

Random User says:

In martial arts, we use similar movements, for exercise not fighting

Demitris Miller says:

I need to get me some kinetic rope

samba tiger says:

I couldn’t watch this one until the end. It was too painful.

Travis Luther says:

What do cat back deadlifts and kipping pulls teach about fighting? I'm confused by the selection of these exercises. It's like how I practice being a millionaire every time I frivolously spend money (on crossfit?)

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