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Entangled Gunfight Ends In Shocking Tragedy

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Jim McGarry says:

I am a subscriber. I watch you daily

Nesta says:

I am subbed but my subs are hidden so im not sure if i count towards the subs

Mike A says:

Policía de verdade. Brazil

The Good says:

If you're going to use your tool use it. Michigan has a stand your ground clause 3 to 1 is definitely on that checklist and there was 4 of um. Saddening to see a good man die by his own gun.

Peaceganjareggae says:

I can’t believe he didn’t shoot them when he got pushed in the car.

Gary Harbison says:

This man had a good heart and respect for life, the murderer had no heart nor respect for life. Sad for the innocent man.

Jody Halstead says:

Can I email you about a situation that escalated yesterday?

Mike Creigton says:

So a defensive display of a firearm against four people in which the initial gunman can be seen as the initial instigator. I presume, however, it would then be justified to use the firearm still for these that did not back down. Ideally de-escalate, escape, and evade and/or use OC spray to diminish prior to evading. I wonder if he'd be legally and civilly justified to use lethal force in the U.S. without that however. I think he would have been.

william brown says:

It looks like he went to a stupid place at a stupid time with stupid people doing stupid things.

dazzerstar says:

Never ceases to amaze me the scum in this world

Ally Hellkiller says:

So we should all stay home and never go out to a club or resturant because it is a stupid place at a stupid time?

Brian Pierce says:

So much for "the great equalizer". WHY?

Ally Hellkiller says:

If I have to pull it it is going to go bang unless the bad guy starts running away.

Alien Heston says:

What is the point of buying a gun and not using it? It's not a arm decoration!

rccdelmte says:

OC spray? Get real dude. 4 on 1 in my state those assailants would be paid for however the victim did not understand the first day principal of firearms is that you do not pull it out unless you are about to use it so in other words if I pull my gun my intended target is getting shot no question about it.

RoseCity Don says:

This one was hard to watch

james decan says:

The guy that shot has done that before, no one can walk around like that if he's not done that before and got away with it before. This is where justice goes wrong, if good guy shot first, he would be put in prison as they were not a deadly threat at the time.
Sadly having watched all of the videos on here it shows that guns are stupid even for the ones protecting themselves.
If that scene was in the UK, the good guy might have simply been beaten up.
I've seen many times that where there's a gun, innocent people die, whereas in England! they live.
Don't want to cause a fight but if you live or lived in the UK, you'll know you what I mean.

RepresentWV says:

dang man if they were in the USA that dude's friends would be in serious trouble too, crazy situation

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