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English Clerk Refuses To Be A Victim

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tredigi says:

I was hoping he would have turned the knife on him. #justice

MFMP007 says:

They need more Knife Control laws.

MFMP007 says:

Maybe he was trying to deliver a knife that someone else order.

Blade Smith says:

This man shouldn't be deprived of a handgun

Robert Pion says:

U.K people wouldn't be able to handle Brazil robbers or Americans robbers…. Dang dude used a roll of receipts as a defense tool for a kitchen knife….

Marino Motorsports says:

What’s the name of the first aid kit John wears please?

Parm Mohan says:

I would have grabbed the stool and smashed it over his head.

Alexander says:

You’re about to get a flood of these videos with the whole coronavirus crime wave

citationau says:

'Those Hammer fists will rock that guys world' epic John.

mark two says:

Didn't the clerk knew he had a stool in the corner?

Michael Miner says:

Nice of the bystander just kept walking by.

shieldzy says:

plot twist he was there to steal the toilet roll

Operator 9037 says:

When you run out of toilet paper a folding money becomes the next best thing.

Jicari Hickory Hill says:

Still haven't caught him!?!? His prints are all over that knife! Bloke didnt even touch it once…

Hanzin Yerpantz says:

Stool. Stool! STOOL!! There is a sturdy looking stool right there. STOOL!!!

Allen Tolman says:

had a grab hold
with left while
the right was
free to grab
knife not as
death sentence
only as learning
curve extremity
carving device
why not poke
a couple holes
in each arm just
for good cautionary
measure as reverse
pavlov bad dog do
not lift leg here again
then of course there
is the harvesting of
fresh dna material
dripping off the blade
separated from clerks
of course who wants
to wipe up nasty blood
from the floor it gets
very slippery in puddles
on smooth tile floors

Leslie Kendall says:

You can tell this wasn't in Australia or he would have laughed and said mate that's not a knife before pulling a machete

Leslie Kendall says:

He should have grabbed one of those bottles behind him and busted him over the head with it

Mookie Spindlehurst says:

Perp got lucky that the victim was not me. I would have grabbed the knife that clerk had several chances to grab and gone to work with it, BIG TIME! Clerk got lucky that trailing accomplices didn't enter the fray and carve HIM up BIG TIME!

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