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Downed California Officer Requires First Aid On The Spot

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Sl33PY3Y3Z97 says:

Gun gun gun
Leg leg leg
Tourniquet tourniquet tourniquet

Doug Rush says:

Nine nine nine said the private
Gun gun gun, said the sergeant.
Leg leg leg said the LT.
Tourniquet tournique tourniquet said the Captain
Oh merry men are we-he

Valentina D. says:

The cop with the rifle needs more training. He is not calm and he's aiming his rifle towards the other cops.

9walther9 says:

love to hear great communication like this but this is unfortunate he was shot

Mr_x 1992 says:

What's the point of carrying non lethal guns if they are not effective? Why the fuck would they make non effective less lethal guns when they could be more effective and all that gunshot would have been avoided

Mr_x 1992 says:

Damn, you guys from USA have a serious gun problem! almost everybody is armed! looking a lot like Mexico right now

CarFanatix says:

asphalt temperatur challenge out of brazil

Matt Lorentzoe says:

The officer shot remained insanely calm. He was more calm than dude with the rifle.

Well done 👍🏻

Marcelle Nel says:

gun gun gun, leg leg leg, tourniquet tourniquet tourniquet.
Me: lol lol lol

Jeffery Thomas says:

This is the second video I've seen here where the magazine has been inadvertently ejected on the rifle. The magazine release is too exposed on the AR platform.

Kurupt Live says:

Let me just say, THANK GOD for these men's bravery and fighting to keep us safe!!!!! This video really shows the professionalism and absolute selflessness of the badge!!

Brandon Young says:

I’m from Bakersfield lol crazy

slow88LX says:

Trying not to shoot this guy got the cop shot. Great plan with that mental health response team BS.

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