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Do NOT Punch In A Street Fight – Learning how to punch in a real street fight can be useless self defense training yet it’s taught as the most common martial…


kevin harris says:

also elbow & knee strikes, as well as kicks, are harder to defend against, and can be devastating if you connect…

fudgedog says:

Ya but if you wanna throw a grenade at your apponant couldnt you just go ahead and punch him first then toss that sucker in his lap?

mraccident says:

In the palm are the weakest bones! This guy’s an idiot!


i kinda know wat hes saying
but, if u smash their jaw with ur palm or knuckles it will knock them out (providing their not mike tyson, but that goes without saying)

larbaa1 says:

Don’t punch them because it will hurt your hand?! What about don’t punch them in the face because the consequences can be deadly. Most fights are related to drugs or alcohol. Do you want to become a killer, just because you had to defend yourself?

Jordan Bousfield says:

What would you rather hurt someone or get hurt your self

TronZEROPi says:

This is bull shit, what you do in a street fight is punch people in the ribs to break them, then you rip them out and use them to stab your opponent. Or, you could just jab your car key into the soft parts of the body if your one of those normal people.

Chuck Norris says:

I do not approve this video.

neutrino78x says:

Yep, first two knuckles, that’s what I was taught in ITF Taekwondo. In fact, we did pushups on our knuckles, and the instructor would verify we were doing it right by looking at the slight calluses on the first two knuckles. 🙂 (well maybe callus isn’t the right word, but when you do knuckle pushups on carpet, you get some “white stuff” on your knuckles, if it only on the first two then you did it right)

David Nelson says:

Always trust a guy in Camo pants!

Borntokirune says:

Don’t punch em? what are you suppose to do? blow their dicks?

MrFagSmasher says:

They have time to duck their head because he draws his arm back like a pussy

JehedEffersonGames says:


letiziaytito says:

this guy has never been in a street fight…the weakest fingers are the 4th and 5th..i learned the hard way i broke them twice punching two different guys…his science makes absolutely no sense..the 2 times i broke my fingers i never seen the guy look down like a trained horse!!!also adrenaline doesnt let you feel anything while your throwing hands!!after i learned my lesson i always punched with my first two knuckles in a straight line and i never felt a punch and sleepy time!!

Jig1515 says:

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MrDiezombiesdie says:

wiat what? left jaw?
i dont get it ummm how many jaws do people have?

JonathonWolf says:

The real lesson here isn’t to punch; it’s to not punch for the head.

FlyUnicornsFly says:

Yeah, it’s awful when you bust up your knuckles on someone’s skull & you’re left unable to use your gun & knife effectively. I hate when that happens.

FlyUnicornsFly says:

I’m glad you won one out of seven. Ur confidence might have suffered otherwise.

code10110100 says:

if your skilled enough to land an elbow in, its game over.

iceman8067 says:

This is interesting. I took Taekwondo for 8 years, and I definitely hurt my knuckles at various times from punching, but that’s what was taught so that’s what we did. If this is really better, why doesn’t everyone do this? Why don’t UFC fighters, for instance? They’re still punching. I suppose the gloves help a little, but they’re pretty thin.

iceman8067 says:

Think of it like a bear. If you punch a bear, or even shoot him with a small caliber gun, you will only piss him off, additionally showing him that you aim to hurt him, thus he will come over and eat you immediately, before you have a chance.
But, if you get the jump on him and execute the first hit correctly… 🙂


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gahloot says:

Yes! Just bring a friend so they can carry you away afterwards!

hussain Abu Saud says:

Looooool maybe I have dance with him

thechosen says:

And when what to I do? Perform second punch to their arms?

Scizyr says:

If you strike at the air in most cases the opponent will flinch and bring up their arms.

Ultradeth5 says:

I think the fact that you’re so riled up from some Youtube comments, enough to buy a plane ticket, makes you a stupid fuck.

garciairvin76 says:

This guy is high.

Highest Kite says:

Correct dont Punch, Just take out your penis and randomly start jerking off,
9 times out of 10 they will just walk away

TheSteelLegs says:

I strongly disagree with this video.

Philip Ygnacio says:

I have a better idea. Since I am a CCW holder in 2 states and LEO trained: (1) Backup three steps and stop very suddenly, while at the same time doing the following motions:

Philip Ygnacio says:

(2a) With left hand point a finger right directly at him. (2b) With right hand put your hand on your gun (do not draw) but exaggerate the movement by moving the elbow out from the torso. The sudden execution of these 2 steps in rapid succession is very startling.

Philip Ygnacio says:

3. Issue a one word COMMAND!!: ” FREEZE !! “. If he moves toward you draw and keep gun as close to the torso as possible. (4)Issue COMMAND!!: ” SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!! ” If there is an attack – – Shoot.

stupot7 says:

That could’ve been explained in half the time

StinkyCheese9999 says:

Here’s a crazy idea – instead of throwing a punch knowing it will be too high because the guy’s going to bend his head down, instead throw the punch lower. I know, I know, this is really deep complicated stuff to think about.

Since you mentioned the hand not being able to grab a gun after being harmed, let me suggest the 1 better option. Attempt to avoid the fight by fleeing while drawing the weapon. Given distance and presence of a weapon you will often avoid the fight continuing.

Andy Storm says:

Start using the knee..


wouldn’t want to fuck with you bmxboy


ahhh we all remember our first day of martial arts school dont we guys… oh wait

Bmxboy says:

Oh yeah so i get my ass jumped and just don’t punch like wtf iv been in so much fight’s and i punch and my knuckles are fine only one time i punched really really hard on the back of the head and i heart my rist.

Huskyman113 says:

This dude looks like Chuck Norris

Josh Partridge says:

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Dragan Babovic says:

don’t have to punch only in the head

Dragan Babovic says:


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