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Deranged Man With Knife Gets Put On The Ground

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Ken Ess says:

Mm hmm, yep. King of kings…

Marcelo Huaiquinao says:

Eso es un asesinato. Claramente no es un delincuente. Aparenta haber consumido algo (alcohol o alguna droga) y no se lo ve armado. Bastaba con una taser, o derribarlo porque eran 2 contra uno.

Robot404 says:

When Mike stares at me at the start of these videos it takes everything in me to just not yell "I'M GUILTY" i cant believe how this man does it

Stubbies2003 says:

While they weren't super fast with the comms post shooting it still did happen so I think that is a minor training point. Absolutely correct in that this is clearly a good shoot. The perp chose the time table and how this ended up.

Noizy BearBear says:

I’d like to hear your guys opinion on Byrna and how you think they would be effective for situations like this.

Richard Frias says:

What does close the air mean?

EA Bilbao says:

Is it not enough to use stun gun or taser to stop people from a distant? Thinking we can save the life of the attacker.

Brandon Ihde says:

I used your lessons today on the bus. This guy sat in the back next to me. I watch everything. I noticed him target glance me 11 times. And when we all got to the bus station that everyone gets off. He waited to see if I would get off before him. He waited like 23 or 24 seconds.

The_Horse361 Show says:

Funny how these people become pretty Sane once they have taken a few bullets.

Lh 50 says:

Nice and simple, he had to go.

conrad nor says:

He lives in a group home, he has mental disabilities. Yet you refer to him as deranged and the bad guy. Ok

The Pretty Anxious KoKo says:

Lololol…"when you bless the deserving with the hot sauce" lolol

Clif Bradley says:

If that was Officer Ready, that guy would have mag dumped on this guy and reloaded to ger ready to mag dump again. That's his motto, 1 shot is the same as 15.

KiingRichHard says:

Being shot brought him back to reality

Timothy Votaw says:

Mike "sings like a canary"? Man, don't let the Mob know about that…

Oh yeah, the advice on the Taser location and its deployment in a tense situation is priceless – IF you carry one along with a firearm, hear these guys well. Not long ago, a female officer on a traffic stop intended to use a Taser on a subject refusing to exit vehicle, but somehow drew and fired at close range her duty gun, hitting the black subject, who later died from the shot. She went hysterical, then nearly catatonic later on scene. She was tried & convicted of Murder 2, I think, in part because she was a cop, and the subject was black, now an unfortunate reality. Her life as an LEO over, her family deprived of her presence during incarceration. Tough outcome all around. Practice with your duty belt on, until the placement of both guns is imprinted in you.

Danny Jacobs says:

And that's how you meet Jesus Christ the King of Kings face to face…real quick!

Wes Stanford says:

At least a couple of years ago, TASER recommended carrying and drawing the TASER with your off hand.

Nikusha Xacai says:

Трусливый мент хуже гиены.

Kris Collins says:

Use of the car mounted spotlight might’ve helped as well.

2kostasd says:

Mike is good! Wow, his piano playing and voice are incredible!

Curt C. says:

Why don’t they use shotgun rubber bullet rounds? I think that may be for effective.

TiTaN says:

another one bites the dust.

jon maher says:

They shot the Jesus right out of him.

Jory Blake says:

It's pretty messed up when a guy can't even spread the lord's good word.

bizzle bazzle says:

Don't forget about that once in a lifetime knife throw and don't assume he doesn't have a gun.

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