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Defensive Ammo Choice: Critical Defense or HST? | Active Self Protection Extra

Another of the interesting findings in our Carry Survey was the defensive ammo that people chose to use. In the general survey, Hornady Critical Defense was the MOST popular choice, followed by Federal HST. So let’s compare them, shall we? Survey results here: Rangemaster Survey: Lucky Gunner Labs Ballistic tests: Shootingthebull410 tests: -HST 147gr: -HST124gr: -Critical defense: -Critical Duty +P: ASP merch is now in stock in the store…go get a newly designed limited edition hat! Don’t forget to subscribe to the main channel for daily narrated lessons of real defensive encounters: Our Facebook page has TONS of good info for self-defenders: If you value what we do at ASP, would you consider becoming an ASP Patron Member to support the work it takes to make videos like this discussion of Hornady Critical Defense vs. Federal HST? or gives the details and benefits. Find a good instructor in your area and get some training: Attitude. Skills. Plan. (music in the outro courtesy of Bensound at


swampthing401 says:

I have had problems with critical defense in warm weather where I live those little plastic tips would swell in the bullet and cause them to be hung up on the feed ramp I emailed hornaday and told them about the problem. they sent me some swag and a hat and some stickers… cool I guess but doesn't solve the problem

topshotrhit says:

I was surprised by the Rangemaster survey so heavily favoring 9 vs 40 or 45. Time to stock up on some defense ammo. Looks like the Golden Sabers I'd gotten a long time ago are still decent, but I'll check out the Fed 180 HST.

Robert Evras says:

Yo momma so fat that she sat on a quarter and squished a bugger out of George Washington’s nose…….seriously though, thanks for the good info, this was on my mind!

Braidon Utley says:

Underwood extreme defenders all day!

Mark Malave says:

What about critical defense in a shorter barrel?

Anthony Spagnoli says:

Underwood Xtreme Defense. Period!

Jeremy Brown says:

Ok, you said to replace rounds in your EDC every 6 months? I have ammo from from the early 1900s that shoots without issue. 7.62x54r, 8mm mauser, and 9×18. They where tarnished and corrosive, but no issues. Everytime I cycle a round for PMs I put it on the bottom of the magazine.

Fox fivefive says:

I don't often write in but was wondering if you have checked tnoutdoors9 testing. He does a very in depth test. I enjoy your channel. Thought provoking.

Braidon Utley says:

You should consider setting up a podcast.

bigosbro21 says:

Thanks John! As if HSTs weren't hard enough to find already! Lol. 124gr Standard Pressure for my Shield, 147gr Standard Pressure for my CZ P-09, and 180gr for my G27. Can't beat it.

Luis Castillo says:

I load my hi-point with Tula 115 grain 🙂 I aslo carry a spare rock in my pocket.

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