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Defendo Self Defense system Promo video on the Defendo System Defense system


Stefan James says:

Train me please !!

Mortgage Financing says:

defendo lol lol There is always some new idiot on the internet acting like a clown

DCavalcade says:

He's absolutely right about violence in global society. We in the West believed in a Golden Age of civilization which our squalid politicians allowed to be lost in just one generation. We will either learn unarmed combat and learn it well or we will live in terror.

Damaged Productions says:

Looks very similar to Kajukenbo

New Tuber says:

Yeah, taking a note from Tim Larkin.

Turntables Rockmyworld says:

I love how systems like these throw around all the WW II and Allied Special Forces BS to promote themselves and then I watch this promo video where they literally are showing a ground technique stolen from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu because the stuff they showed prior to real martial arts fighting was mostly nonsense. . What, 60 years of a system and then you realize it sucks and you have steal from others? If this was battlefield/street tested, why wouldn't have this been discovered decades ago? Because it is all theory, that's why.

Clayton Alexander says:

Would like to find a school near me to learn this but i did notice some of the technics from my LINE training from my days in the Marines

Roger Kreil says:

If you would like to see Defendo in a Martial Arts Game with all of the other Martial Arts in it, consider donating to my Kickstarter page called "The Ultimate Martial Arts Game"!  😀

Michael McQueen says:

But if the easy way works, why would it not be the best way? Because it's not flashy enough and doesn't take enough of your precious energy?

On another note, why does every scientifically influenced approach claim to be the absolute best fighting system in the world? Yes, Defendo works for the conditions it trains for, but what makes it better than all of the other unparallelled scientific combat proven systems like, say, SCARS or Systema Kadochnikova?

Michael Cory says:

I know that dude.  Makes a crazy Orange Julius.  Ninjitsu…LMAO.

Integral Bif says:

Bill Underwood created it. pfff typical american pr.

flemw1234 says:

Krav Maga was invented in the 1930s and wasn't taught till the 40's, Combato was invented in 1910…so what's similar to what?

Krav Maga includes a deadlier repretoire of attacks taken from numerous other martial arts including jujustsu, wing chun, muay thai…with grappling techniques similar to those found in combato..

flemw1234 says:

Yep….and the americans had their Defendu Fairbarn's counter part…I believe the defendu variation applied more lethal force where as combato was more for disabling, although I believe combato was capable of lethal also, later his daughter would carry on the training for police and civilain use as you stated but because it's more defensive and dropped the strikes became defendo…my dad took defendo in cadets as a kid…lol

Brett Lockhart says:

You're absolutely correct.

Brett Lockhart says:

It was a Canadian soldier by the name of Bill Underwood that invented Combato. It was primarily designed to fight against the Japanese martial arts training in WWII. Bill Underwood later created a scaled down, less lethal version of Combato to be used by police and civilians called Defendo.

Perfecto Desconocido says:

It's so similar to Krav Maga

ottofaust says:

wasnt if Bill Underwood WW! vetran who started a defendo progam/

MErazoPT says:

s system is "DefendU", instead of Defendo.

ericinghammontevista says:

Lol dude I've never heard such a retarded comment about combatives.

Spartan Academy says:

Defendo Alliance

EthanD1997 says:

Nice, I really hope I can find a legitimate school somewhere nearby.

EthanD1997 says:

I live in Canada and I just started practising Krav Maga and I think I might do this along side Krav.

mike G. says:

I agree. Real Kung Fu is no joke and has been used for generations throughout history and can definitely kill somebody. I have never heard of Shaolin training being hard enough to kill anybody, but i wouldnt doubt it sense they make training a part of their lives.

Dunecigar says:

American citizen (Bersa, SW442, CCWP) living in Guatemala:

Grappling and tangling with the attacker is a battle lost. Never train to fight, train to win. Keep attacker out of th "hole", if he enters then strike for max. pain, draw your weapon, and fire to kill. That's how it is done in the third world, any how.

Richard Luntz says:

i found this while searching vidios -good stuff here-i am a practising goshinryu/krav maga student and teacher-great techniques shown-Ari (richard) in clarksville tn

deco2gogo says:

deedee, look up 'yamate-ryu' schools in your area, there is one not too far from you.
These schools utilize an art often referred to as 'the old man's art', it is not youth/strength based and is extremely effective. Fighter pilots come through every now and then for hand to hand training.

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