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Defender Lays Carjacker Out Cold | Active Self Protection

The news story says this defender pulled into the gas station to avoid these carjackers, but when the chips were down he laid that carjacker out cold. Nice work!

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News story (Google Translate from Spanish required): and and

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Robert Benn says:

Down goes Frazier down goes Frazier

Edward Jackson says:

The victim is so lucky he didn't get shot by the guy with the helmet.

jd nettles says:

I think he should have stomped his hands and fingers to mush. Problem solved

Tim says:

That guy needs a wheelbarrow for his nutz.

Darren Adams says:

Sweet first shot from self defender, his second strike should have been a football kick to attackers face, then focus on knocking bike driver out and finish by braking both arms on the attackers.

Daniel Rawlinson says:

Guy pulls a gun on you… gloves are off.

HansenPvP ESO says:

He doesnt deserve a beatdown. He deserves a shot to the head.

Felipe O says:

I think the victim used the necessary force to stop the threat. I'm glad all of the good people are okay.

ricanchief says:

taught the bad guy a lesson…and educational beating is better than a educational bullet.

skoggit says:

He should have never beat the man for pulling the gun on him and trying to carjack him!  He should have given him the room temperature challenge.  That's what I would have done!

jf c says:

Shot him atleast 2 time

A Wise Idiot says:

John haven't watched ur videos since mustache season. That guy got knocked the f*ck out lol.

Bidhan Maharana says:

That's good but not enough

Duzzit Matter says:

A**-Whuppin’ = Totally Earned. Put a gun in someone’s face like that and you’re lucky that a beat down is all you get!!

Chad Andrew says:

All I can hear in my head is Smokey from the movie Friday standing over top of him saying… You got knocked the fuck out!!!

CauseImFlawless says:

fortune favors the brave I guess

n h says:

The bad guy attacker should have worn a helmet to save himself a tune up from the victim

Ben Ensider says:

Off Duty cop in Yellow at 4:47 was just making sure All of his pockets were empty! Smart

E Middlebrooks says:

The 42 people that disliked this video. All received educational beat downs.

Anthony says:

why did he stop hitting him at all

Eric Montanez says:

I think he did a great job… I had something very similar happen to me. A guy who owed me money pulled a sawed off shot gun out on me and he was holding it with one hand. He was standing in the middle of the street pointing it at me and as I was looking down the barrel I saw my daughters face and my future flashed in front of my face at an instant. So when a white Ford Explorer drove by he looked away for a second and that’s where he got rocked by 6.2” tall 210 pounds of lean muscle. He falls on top of the gun so I rolled him over took the gun and beat the crap out of his fat ass with his own gun. I finally stopped then casually walked away as I told him now the gun is mine and can you believe he followed me to my car begging for the gun back because he had borrowed it from a friend. Lmao. And oh there were no bullets in it. And I returned the gun to the police station.

p1nkpoopbunny says:

I wish he kicked his face in. Duck that pussy. If it was a fist fight then he went over board, but that man pulled a gun and threatened his life.

Cory Gardner says:

The strikes were good until he stopped then went back for more. He's not a cop so I wouldn't hold him to the same standard.

Connor Evans says:

Hell nah beat the fuck out of a robber they chose their path

PutItAway101 says:

Seems like it's a complete waste of time bringing accomplices to a crime, they always run away

lance862 says:

I'm all down for the educational beatdowns. I would have jumped on his face.

SC Rider says:

Anger/tunnel vision near got good guy killed, yellow shirt was ignored, even when he passed splitting distance close and fired x2.

Andrzej Nowak says:

he deserved to die

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