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Defender Draws Quickly And Uses Commands

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B H says:

Don’t bring a finger to a gunfight.

X - Tactical says:

Jeeeszus that draw was fast AF 🤯

sudilos117 says:

When the Hacker initiates a vote to Kick you.
And people start voting yes…..

Logical Guy says:

Nice to see the guy with the gun had some training. Note his finger was off the trigger to avoid accidental discharge while frisking the fool.

ECO dom says:

pretty damn easy to see how the potential perp simply talked his way out of it. "i was just adjusting my junk, man, whatchu mean!?"

FlexyMama says:

The cops let him go, definitely Brazil.

Mdr212 Roger says:

He should have robbed the robber, tune him up a tad, take his wallet and leave his ass. Lessons learned punk

Jonathan Williams says:

Could it be that the guy in red thought the guy following him was about to jack him, so he turned around and went on the offensive by acting like he had a gun under his shirt? Also, if the guy in red was about to rob the guy behind him what was he going to do it with, his hands? He had no weapons to rob anyone with. Your thoughts?

auwz66 says:

Finger bang, bang, bang…

Dan Badd says:

Guess if should walk into a bank with my finger under my shirt, the cops will let me just walk away right?

Bartłomiej Mazur says:

It was a prank bro

Gary Newis says:

Police let that waster come back and have a go at the man that already controlled him

aserabus says:

Cops are fucking worthless!!

Tony Espinal says:

Sames happen in the dominican Republic, these policeman know the thief and let him go. They are all accomplices. Good for the guy that that was armed. Here in the US we need to lock and load, defend our second amendment.

Mark D says:

Is there any other jobs in Brazil cops or robbers???!!!!!!!

Fred A says:

This might of been in California considering they let the theif go and question the ccw.

Josh Leach says:

I thought this was in a gun range from the thumbnail lol

chucks edwin says:

That prep was lucky that the good guy was a responsible legal carrier.

NWflyguy89 says:

My mans out here kicking out legs with flip flops.

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