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Deadly road rage shooting in Federal Way considered self-defense, police say

During the altercation, police said one of the individuals involved grabbed a gun from the vehicle and fatally shot a 35-year-old man from Federal Way. Story:


Steve Goldstine says:

And there's not going to be an investigation 🙄.

Joshua Phillips says:

"Self defense" against unarmed people. Sounds like legal murder as long as the cops and murderer are on the same team.

Mr.Woo Woo says:

You know who's in the right? The people who start putting cameras in their cars.

13doing56 says:

So u can be down to throw hands.. and then kill someone and it's justified.

13doing56 says:

Bc violence gonna fix your car

Pat McBride says:

"Believe" you are in imminent threat…
Get it right, lawyer.

R B Yee! says:

Well of course! That's everybody's excuse. How can it be self defense if you got out of your car and fight mano a mano? Your ass is getting beat and you pulled out your gun and kill? Come on, playa…

Bodhi says:

The problem is that we don't know everything the perpetrator has or is thinking in the middle of a situation that we didn't cause. Hindsight is 20/20 when you're a d.a., but not if you're the victim.

Carlos Pinheiro Torres says:

'Self-defense' ?! ludicrous

Scissor Sharp says:

Only Guys with daddy issues get road rage.

Vanraj Sindha says:

for my personal knowledge I want to know why you have to have auto insurance by law !!!! government is not going to pay for the damage anyway

MzanziMan says:

Will I am Kirk from Kirk land

Christian Terrill says:

If the driver that shot the other man didn't even get charged are even placed under arrest means the cops know something the news doesn't that makes this a pretty clear use of a firearm in self defense.

Thomas Stecyk says:

Do you all have to have insurance to drive a vehicle in WA??? If you do have to have insurance, what is the big deal? This is why you have insurance. This is why you exchange information. If there are no injuries due to the accident. Then you can drive away. So, what, we have to have training in high school on how to act at the scene of your accident? Maybe because we do not know how to act when something shitty happens? I don't know, what would a grown-up do?

Jerry Martin says:

So he got into a fight and went back to get a gun? How is that self defense? Did the other guy have a gun?

Rodrigo Lerena Gutierrez says:

To many pussies with guns, fight like a man you fucken coward. Quick to pull the trigger but can’t throw hands 😼

HDTube101 says:

"Shooting in Federal Way considered self-defense". One minute and twenty seconds later: "The shooting is under investigation" umm okay…

Carter Gomez says:

So, I'm guessing Federal Way is not a good place to live?

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