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Criminals Do Not Think The Same Way You And I Do

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Kelvin Holmes says:

Just keep it on u when you're out. Police cant be everywhere.

FAR Q 2 says:

This is why we need to start mandatory sterilization.

Brandon Montgomery says:

I know we need to realize that these outcomes exist but could you end it with the bad guy getting some lead

Frank Macias says:

This first video was a setup…1. Driver gets out with the bag in hand…same bag that at the end he reaches into grab. 2 Drivers ditches the bag inside …bad guy goes around towards the old man then sees he's no threat at all but still shoots…hmmm 3
Driver looks like he might be carrying a weapon makes a move like he's gonna pull it out then decides to run instead…Inside job

Edgar L says:

No will but I should have one

Advant Garde says:

If i live in Brazil, i will always bring machine gun wherever i go.

Gerardo Martinez says:

Last vid comes from México is very cmon her that criminals comes to the gas stations yo stolen cuz is easy money for them

Roberto Aviles says:

Last video was at my city. The killer is a violent pos

Tony Rebel says:

I have a very current will. Then there is the will to give some fool the dirt nap they so rightfully deserve, in the event I need to. People please practice self awareness and watch your transitional spaces.

Paul E. Ester says:

And then for no reason at all.

Rotaman says:

I do have a current will. Both my wife and I do. We don’t have much wealth, but we wanted to make sure we left instructions for our children’s wellbeing.

dillon May says:

And people want to take your guns.

Piløt says:

This is so American, the laws are an absolute joke.


The earth is deteriorating, evils getting control
Must fight for peace and justice

RG JR. says:

The world can be a dangerous place. Cover your ASP folks and be right with Jesus.

Prolay Terryat says:

The first video exemplifies the reasons to back into a parking spot. Had the driver done this, they would have seen this perp before he had a chance to point a gun at them.

MrScottytoohottie says:

That poor old man. When I see things like this happen, it makes me just want to forget about laws for a minute, and serve these bad guys thier own medicine. Smh.

tom g says:

Wish i could find these crims. wiuld love to be there executioner. i would burn them alive

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