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David Decker says:

Thanks so much for uploading this video and breaking it down for us. As a 29 year firefighter/paramedic veteran this tragedy is truly heartbreaking. Much respect to the police officers and firefighters that had to work through this scenario.

There are two important things that I want to bring up. The first being that depending on the EMS or Fire agency, Mr. Houston (or any overdose victim) isn't free to go, depending on the respective protocol. And I think that is what the problem was with this encounter. Mr. Houston was required to be evaluated by a doctor as result of suffering a narcotic overdose, as evident by the successful resuscitation by Narcan.

The other important point is that when we encounter these types of victims that are unconscious, that is the perfect time to do a quick full-body assessment (that's the medical term for search). Unlike police officers, EMT's are not bound by protected rights or violating the civil rights of the victim. Especially when the victim is unconscious. That is your time to do a quick pat-down of the patient to look for clues as to why the victim would be experiencing a medical event, and look for hazards, such as knives or guns. We call it scene safety. While Mr. Houston was unconscious would have been the perfect time to find that gun and disarm him.

Again, thank you for posting this video. I have been a big fan for quite some time, and believe you are doing great work to help keep the good guys safe and well trained.

Mr. Wizard says:

He should have been cuffed immediately

Redamancy 1 says:

John, although a sad video….this was one of your best teaching lessons. So many things to think about. Great Job!

Mr. Wizard says:

Move the damn bus!

Zack Attack says:

They need to stop bringing the narcan and just let these druggies die.

Movie Hats says:

They can search you for weapons without probable cause. Only weapons though.

mike jones's says:

Rmr extends your shots a lot more and you are much more accurate with it

Israel REEFER!!! says:

Man out of all the vids you've shown. This one really shocked me like wtf I wasn't expecting that… but on the OD thing I think if you're gonna do drugs knowing they can kill you it's no longer a reason for anyone to care for you . Because when most junkies get revived they go right back to the abuse its stupid to waste resources on a bad habit . Now that dude died saving this dumbass

Roger Kreil says:

That was a crazy encounter. But “YouTube” Bart Ehrman sometime.

Check your six says:

He was brought back from the dead, then sent back.


Fuc this POS, I want to go the hell just to kill him again

Troy Anderson says:

Thanks goodness this was caught on video.. And yes " I'm black" idiot tried to take someone life !

Jamie Vaughn says:

Damn Packer fans.

DumpnOnYerChest says:

Stop. Reviving. Junkies.

Dillon Griffin says:

When shit like this happens I wish you could revive the shit head and kill him again

Russ Reagan says:

Good work by the officer to see the bulge on his side. Got to wonder how many more good people would have been killed if he hadn't noticed that and if the scum bag was smart enough to carry one in the chamber. Tragedy could have been worse than it already is. 🙁

MrFlappy Jaks says:

Big smoke got smoked

Mangy Pubic region says:

What a piece of garbage… How could you possibly shoot at the people that just saved your life??? That is absolutely unbelievable my heart goes out to that firefighter and his family

joelfromportland says:

What a sad story. Good lessons out of it at least…

Edward Nutter says:

As soon as he started stepping back…

clancy mclean says:


Nickname says:

I wish all people knew that when an officer talks to you its for your own good and the people around you. Yet so many act like they're being attacked.

If you worry an officer might be corrupt or you think they're targeting you for how you look, you've got some serious trust problems AND you really shouldn't try solving those problems with the officer in question.
Letting those stupid fears obstruct the officer's job will ruin everyone's day.

Roseland Style says:

That's awful

Maybe it’s Just me says:

This guy couldn’t have raised more red flags imo.

BMO - chop says:

Fuck this guy

Bluddy Murdur says:

That velcro rip was not very tacticool fuck uncle mikes

Murray Rothbeard says:

Thank you for clarifying your position on searches . Awesome

Archstone says:

If I was an EMT my next few narcan calls would have involved vehicle problems to delay my response, wrong addresses, and yes, that's why I am not an EMT.

Bluddy Murdur says:

The craziest thing about this whole video is he thought Morphine is not an Opioid

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