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Cops Go Way Too Far Confronting Unwell Man

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@robertoortiz85 says:

F crackheads

@sahan6996 says:

no batch cams , no tasers, also dude doesn't have a knife here. one min silence for that police department

@johnwheeler4506 says:

Thanks for the heads up, an ambulance officer blamed choker holds for a mentally unwell man's death. He was on his back unarmed kicking his feet (Tim), saying "Don't kill me" and the US cops killed him. I passed blood the next day.

@juneyshu6197 says:

We need the nice young men in their clean white coats. Open resid3ntial mental care. Families and cops cant handle it.

@jimcantswimfar3962 says:

I think the military should look into recruiting schizophrenics 😂

@chrisl.7345 says:

Shooting an un-armed mentally disturbed guy… 3 to 1… ??? Where the bloody hell is those Cops physical abilities ?…. If you go to work only trusting your firearm and not your physics and Colleges ? You are a threat and not a protector of the Community ! And I strongly support our Law Enforcement…Period ! 🫣🇺🇸

@chrismusix5669 says:

Everything IS a nail: “Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?” ~Jeremiah 23:29

@traceystock7352 says:

When I was growing up (granted fewer people had access to firearms for whatever reason, back then it wasn't so mainstream), the cops did not look like 'Gym Bros' like they tend to now. They often looked much more like beer truck drivers with longish hair and handle bar moustaches, and had larger arms but again, not very cut looking. When they walked into a bar for a bar fight or arrived at a house where things were getting out of hand, they'd walk in and take charge of the place with their demeanor and often took out their wooden night stick which was all was needed for most people to get in line. Cops shooting an unarmed guy back then in the 70s was just not even a consideration.

@krd8521 says:

That's not scitsafrinia that's methsifinia

@donavandean1078 says:

Very pathetic law enforcement choices here. This is exactly what gives citizens a sour taste for cops.

@handtogocam says:


@AdequateName. says:

Seemed justified to me.

@salimoneus says:

jesus christ no fucking taser? and 20 rounds and he's still alive? one of the most pathetic displays from LE i've ever seen.

@jimaguirre5799 says:

Crazy isn't an excuse. Mom should have taken care of crazy son herself. Don't call the cops. Your crazy, your problem.

The officers do need more training, but prosecution is a miscarriage of justice.

I know you are sensitive to mental health issues, but again, it isn't an excuse for bad behavior. And it isn't an excuse for family not taking care their family.member.

@SilentShadow-ss5xp says:

I can easily see how their force is a bit excessive but if it is true that the man told the officers that he had a knife and would hurt them then later charged at them multiple times I don't think its unreasonable for the officers to shoot him. then after they shoot him multiple times hes still running around charging them. For all they know its on hardcore drugs and doesnt even know hes been shot multiple times and remains a significant threat. Besides if you are going to shoot someone you dont shoot them to scare them or let off warning shots. You shoot to kill and end the threat. A gun is for when someone is a threat to life. If he really did say I have a knife and will use it against you guys then why shouldn't they assume he has a knife and means what he says? I know that in heignseight it may look like excessive force but they were also the ones on the ground making decisions while the situation was unfolding in realtime so its easy for us to say they were using excessive force but it's not exactly that cut and dry here. Glad the guy lived through this but its still not ideal. Maybe less lethal should have been their first option. Likely would have been effective.

@deadmeatgames2 says:

Gonna cost someone some $$

@Joey-fs7ro says:


@Boogie1904 says:

If his skin was darker they would aim center mass. You can see they were going for his legs

@randalbarrera1535 says:

These officers must of been part of the DEI hire program. SMH this is ridiculous man. I fully support our boys in blue but this is just PATHETIC.
And they need to be placed in jail!!!

@soud986 says:

he had it coming

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