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Nathan Brown says:

Theres a pool of blood forming at the end of the video. I wonder if he died

Christian Taylor says:

Should of put one in his kneecap as a reminder

Pootie Tang says:

"Smokin his cigarette like a boss" ….meanwhile smoking is the #1 killer of people ever. …..

Junito Punto Comm says:

That’s not the coolest…the coolest is when a robber goes to a grocery store in Puerto Rico, and a shopper takes the gun away and smack the sh*t out of the robber. 😂

POC Skellington says:

That wasn't tactical that was some real street shit

lee haworth says:

Is that blood from him getting shot? Look peculiar to me??

Podcast Clips says:

Damn… thats all i have to say

Musketeer Inc says:

Well done Mr Defender 👍👍👍

BigDDan420 says:

Never turn your back on your enemy, deadly mistake

Jacob Doyle says:

he definitely shot him in the leg

Larry says:

All judge & jury here……
What if the girl was a street girl who, after ripping off this guy, just called her pimp, who then turned up with the gun????
Maybe the guy (who ended up on the floor) just wanted his money back?
Just sayin……

Jo Ski says:

I thought he pistol whipped him but he shot him in the leg


Truly thug life 💘

Volkov unLtd says:

What an exit

james chanin says:

2Nd guy is a Hero thank you.

Jordan Patterson says:

A bad boy who is a good man. Now that's what I want to see.

Gabriel Ramirez says:

I don’t think they had cell phones that small in 94

CrowdPleaser 1980 says:

The Real Thug Life Vine

Pvt_Caboosh says:

Hi John, I was wondering if you had covered the CCTV footage of the children attacking Israeli guards with knives? I thought i remembered it being covered, but could not find it. Seemed to have disappeared from Youtube entirely (from my view atleast).

I understand if it was taken down because it involved children, i don't like seeing it, but the topic of children roles in threat detection has come up alot in my groups. People seem to have an inability to see children as potential threats. I just remembered this specific situation having shock value that stuck with me, good, bad, or otherwise.

Lito Cortez says:

Rite next to some trash 🗑 where he got put 😎🙏🏼 mercy

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