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Convenience Store Robber Takes the Room Temperature Challenge | Active Self Protection

This convenience store robber out of Valinhos, Sao Paolo, Brazil was not expecting resistance. He was expecting to have force dominance and get what he wanted. But this bystander wasn’t having it, and as a result he took the Room Temperature Challenge.

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News story (Google Translate from Portuguese required):

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Rolling Stop says:

Saw the title. Clicked. Hit like. Watched.

TheCptCoy says:

That shot in the foot was the luckiest shot ever

ZahC West says:

I like the part where the threat took 2 shots by surprise.

Peace from California.
(Not a libtard)

hichamitooo1986 says:

He always finds 3 points to learn from

Southsideman says:

Blown to Hell.

Newyorkminute says:

I know your used to critiquing other people John but dang it's time to loose some weight. You look like a fat ass

A Hernandez says:

Nice, another dirtbag down

Ronnie Carter says:

Yup, i also immediately hit play when i saw room temperature challenge… 👌🏽👏🏾👮🏾

Toomuchdebt says:

😃yeahhhhh goods guys survived. I love happy defender endings. Stay safe and cover your ASP.

Bradley Phillips says:

Going outside to check is a good way to get yourself shot by someone who heard the gunshots.

Uriah Graves says:

S.O. Brazil for the ongoing education.

lemol mou says:

I'm a simple guy. I see "Room Temperature Challenge", I click.

Chris Egur says:

I'm sorry but the "good guy" killed somebody who shoot nobody.He used his weapon to take a life and only God can do that !!! How can you support him ? Personnaly, I will use a lethal weapon only to save a life .The "bad guy" take risk to to be killed but he deserve only to be wounded or to go jail, not to be killed.Justice is when you punish somebody in an equal way. Imagine if it was your son or your brother who attack a shop without using his gun and somebody kill him ?

Nizzle FoShizzle says:

He didn't pay much attention to the second perp. Good thing he blazed outta there.

Scarecrow music5 says:

Strong stuff as always. Good guy in a perfect spot. Instant justice.

XtremeBudgetMusician says:

I hope he killed him


Nobody wants to get a job nowadays SMH

Sean says:

Hey John, have you ever had to use your firearm for defensive purposes?

Richard Pearce says:

The biggest crime here: Letting that soda go to waste.

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