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Citizen Gets The Drop On Unprepared Armed Robber

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@silentcontender says:

I appreciate how you mention to stay ready by resolving your conflicts with your loved ones and getting right with God. Living a moral and prudent life helps me out a lot. I wish I was better though.

@tristanpinnock7322 says:

Hate stuff like this

@belovedLion80 says:

Luck doesn’t play into anything. Sure glad your not a pastor anymore. God is in control.

@MrStirleewirlee says:

Would it have been okay for the victim to take a headshot in that moment?

@plandemic8149 says:

Armed drinking beer … yea, that's illegal

@dianeknox6049 says:

Good man this was sad, Respect life ❤

@johnjoseph7382 says:

guy in blue couldn't care any less that guy in black got hit

@djblack7590 says:

Sad outcome. This could have went a handful of different ways. Maybe waiting a little longer for his turn/chance might have ended different but it's always the game of "what if". Thanks for the share, ASP

@dbnance3461 says:

Thank you John for always reminding us of our spiritual health

@christophersmart3057 says:

Hi John I'm a long time subscriber to your YouTube channel the two guys in this video are indeed police officers unfortunately the bad guy got a lucky shot and took our comrade away.

@ShadowOTPhoenix says:

Forget a medical kit…

@brentsamaroo8442 says:

I'm from Trinidad, This happens all too much here, sadly if the perp didn't go to the hospital he probably would've bever been caught

@tebogomalebana1725 says:

Lesson to guys: sit your lady between the walls at restaurants for her protection and your flexibility and wait for the right moment should this happen to you!

@alnett22 says:

Lady in white shirt needs to thank Jesus she was not hit by gunfire.

@marcoe1722 says:

Prayers for the fallen and his family

@golongtelevision3975 says:

Glad to see you prioritizing your health and fitness John, keep goin brotha✊🏿

@sekonic1973 says:

Really good educational video Jonh , I may add to a comment. It look like the guy in the blue shirt was carrying strong side, but just behind his hip because he did fiddle with it for a while before he was able to take it out.

@Bobbytrainwreck says:

John you’re looking great bro. Been a fan since day one. You’ve come a long way.

@TheoddLedgend says:

Unsubscribed because you have your comment settings set to freedom of speech infringing baby mode.

@HB-gj7gd says:

What a fool


hell nah i gotta train harder

@jackstickler1705 says:

I try not to put my back to the door. But somethings are just unavoidable. Cop on his day off and this happens. Crazy world we live in

@thomasdriscoll6846 says:

Please leave the Jesus guy out of this for the fans of the channel who do not believe. Or, do we have to be a christian to watch your channel????

@taliiban2452 says:

Sigh my country yes . 😢 Brawling

@SAsh-zg6ln says:

Bro u have millions of subscribers, ur doing fine with or without sharing

@marioroman2743 says:

That woman is lucky the bullet didn’t hit her.

@da.satanic.hispanic says:

very sad. unfortunately, sometimes evil wins. sure, the bad guy will go to jail, but that wont bring that man back. RIP. side note, its been a while ive been on youtube. so much so that i see youve lost alot of weight and even look like a wizard lol. keep it up 👍

@AtomicBullz says:

Terrible luck. Terrible outcome. RIP.

@305miamifishing9 says:

I watched it. Sad outcome!

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