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Chintya Candranaya Self Defense Fight Back

Chintya Candranaya Self Defense Fight Back #ChintyaCandranaya #SelfDefense #PencakSilat #MartialArts my social media account FB : @chintya Candranaya Instagram : @chintyacandranaya business inquires : CP (anjar) +6281928001620 Manager click this link for watch Chintya Candranaya Self Defense Part 1 :


B J says:

Saran aja
Ada juga pelajaran untuk luka nya ,dari yg memar atau yang sampai parah.
Yang sesui aliran mbk

Udin Te says:

Andai ku jadi suamimu kalo aku ngasih uang belanja kurang, jgn langsung ditabokin kayak gituh ya Say..

波紋紅 says:

Can only be a show, can't actually fight

p107640513 says:

Your jacket have a places name 香港

Naruto Ozumaki says:

I wanna get killed by your beautiful beasty hands..✋ love yew alot💟

Wolf Pack says:

join mma..letsee what u got

julian Hernaiz says:

I like your style my beautiful friend 😊😍🌹

cleveland antwine says:

I think shes ready for mma an the ufc strike force ,i think michelle yeoh an ziyi zhang may have some competition

Carlos Lopes says:

Hi Chinthya, hey, I love you and I don't miss one of your videos, which I keep all.

khagen50 says:

Hello Iron Lady. Your speed and power are very fierce and powerful as well as your execution and precision.. Is that your brothers you are beating on in your videos? LOL. Anyway big love and respect to you guys and keep up the good work.✌🏼

123greggory says:


Johan Romero says:

Me gustaría que fuese traducido al español

Thuong Ta says:


sara alisa says:

veryyyy nice i love watching your videos very much 💖💖💖 thank youuuu so much dear naya

love dreams says:

faster fast chintya 💗 excelent work

John Coughlan says:

Zzzz more Bullshit from the huge library of Bullshit.

اكرم عاطف says:

I love you mooooooot

Acuracy813 says:

Seriously, this is not self defense. If the key is merely being faster than the weakling attacking you, self defense would be a cinch. Most people, particularly women aren't going to have the convenience to be able to spend years mastering martial arts before their first encounter with an attacker that's skinnier than they are. Is the message here that if you can't spend ten years training and face a bigger, stronger attacker, you're screwed? There are real, effective techniques for self defense to help when you're at a disadvantage.

Panthagi Manikanta says:

I love your style

Jermaine Weekly says:

Hello to everyone .chintya everytime your team put up self Defense video 100%real what more can you ask for
hope one day you and your team visit Costa Rica🏆🏆🏆

सुर्यबिक्रम बादशाह says:

I love you my dear!!!😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

suresh aruban says:

R y teach me

Hrach says:

Respect. It would be interesting to see you fight Master Wong. He is fast, as well, but not as fast as you, he mayn't last a minute. I guess, lol. You are a serious fighter, superwoman.

Always java says:

Keren nih cwe. Salut

Батыржан Сайлыбаев says:

privet 👋ti krassavitsa

Rasta King says:


Salmonjohn Salmonjohn says:

Kesian abng2..selalu kena pukul dari chintya..bila nak belajar..lebih tinggi dari dia😅

Annamaria Szabo says:

Választ várok

Annamaria Szabo says:

Nem kaptam értesitést uj videorol, gratulálok, nem ezt érdemeltem!!

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