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Canadian Conflict At A Convenient Store

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Brian Garland says:

“This isn’t my circus or my monkeys.” That’s just such an awesome response! Noted for future use. Thanks

I eat lefties 4 breakfast says:

White Americans of European descent make up the vast majority of the population in the USA but does anyone know what percentage of the crimes they commit. From what I can see most crime is committed by blacks and hispanics.

allemander says:

You’re condoning a needless physical assault on the irritating patron who snatched the bag off the counter when all that was needed was to block his ability to exit the store with said bag, which was not his property to take.

Forgiving a punch to the head or face of a downed opponent who posed no real threat to anyone’s well-being, and then further justifying it by saying sometimes people just need to be punched (after warning defenders to not become the punisher, no less!) is pretty hypocritical and makes this channel lose its footing on the moral grounds for which it usually stands.

That punch could have been fatal.
Then what?

TheArKtec says:

Why you calling them drunks? I've noticed you judge alot and who are you to judge just because you show videos on defending yourself… You claim you pray to Jesus, so why do you judge on top glorify guns and claim protection is why you do it for… You don't know what goes on this people's lives and why they do the things they do. I feel like you are coward without your gun… You think your Better than other by the way you talk, but your noone but just like the rest of us. Just because you make videos doesn't mean anything. Be Humble.

duke_of_lilywhite says:

" This is not my circus or my monkey." LMAO, when I heard that. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2wheelobsessed says:

Premium malt beverages 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣

NateLB says:

fucking slowly dragged him out the door 🤣

NateLB says:

So wait, did he try to steal that paper bag or was that his paper bag?

Fraser Gaetz says:

Ha ha that’s frickin hylarious. FYI. Not beer. Can’t buy it at a convenience store.

Jason says:

John trying his hand at comedy here.

Shel Nunya AT says:

lmao..yer such a sweetie for trying that intro accent.

Road Pirate says:

I think the dude on the left deserves some cred here for his awareness. Watch him side-eyeing the guy over his shoulder and he even clenches his fist on the counter at one point. He also uses his non-dominant hand to pay and keeps the other hand free. He is obviously preparing for a confrontation.

Also, he may not have gotten involved, but he did stick around until they got the guy out of the store. I think he was probably just keeping an eye on things and making sure the other guys were able to handle it.

Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure Moreno's says:

I'm from down the street Toronto and I'd like to add that there were no guns in this incident HOWEVER increasingly gun violence is on the rise. Increasing very fast. Just last summer my buddy was targeted at gun point and shot at as he ran for cover. We have very different laws then in the US John for carrying, and self laws, which in my opinion are pathetic and leave innocent people at a deficit advantage and at risk for their lives. So I tell you I want to carry. I struggle with it. I want to get licensed trained and carry in my car and person

mack au prince 305 says:

1 punch is enough ? Yall didnt see that mean old man strength right hook to the jaw, thay was the first punch follow with a candian kicklw sandwhich

Mirai Nikki says:

This is clearly staged by overpaid actors theres no conflict in Canada.. if this was real he woulda just paid the guy $5 to go away.

Jeno Riccio says:

The right hand of fellowship 😂😂

Jeff Kukkee says:

FOWL: In Canada, it's law that you Must drop gloves first, then pull Jersey over head…. pretty sure perp got 2 beers out of this encounter…

Heu Valadao says:

In Canada, everything is a potencial weapon… except for guns.

james sicard says:

Lame choice of video to analyze. Give me Charles Bronson vigilante, good Samaritan ROOM TEMPERATURE CHALLENGES!

rafi.rifath says:

Owner: fuck this trash is heavy

SebGames Random says:

Did he just do the intro with an accent?? 😂😂😂

angel Gomez says:

He kept a chamber punch technique.

Carl Lange says:

It's actually sad how much of a drunk that guy is.. if he ain't hit rock-bottom he's pretty close

Wood Barber says:

That’s the difference between us here in Canada and my American friends. Knuckle sandwich instead of a Glock welcome to the afterlife.

Sek Ranger says:

When your WoW account got banned and kicked out during raid.

Narwhal The King says:

Come on man now I know your videos are fake Canadians don’t rob people wtf

PocketPreach316 says:

A drunk in Canada? What is the world coming to 🍻

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