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Can You Use A Flare gun As A Self Defense Weapon? Crown Rick Auto PUBG

Can You Use A Flare gun As A Self Defense Weapon? Crown Rick Auto Become a Channel member! Support my channel buy A Thin Blue Line Patch!: Found an abondoned dog! Exploring a rare firetruck!: Ford Taurus Police Vs Crown Victoria Police: Found A Taser X2!


Keenan Clements says:

Gday from aus. My lil bro wants some handcuffs. I was wondering if you could ship out a pair?(thats if you find some) thanks. I hope you find a biscuit!

iiSwat_Laws Godfather says:


iiSwat_Laws Godfather says:

Can I get a shout out.

Connor Moua says:

Buy a new Funny Man

treasure hunters says:

Or find one soon

treasure hunters says:

And i pray you foud a biscuit

treasure hunters says:

And hit that bell botton

treasure hunters says:

And i joined

Jumbokitty7 says:

So this is what causes California wildfires….

Darlene Bond says:

You can have one handcuff key and it will unlock every Hancock trust me try it

Precise Building Inspections Adelaide says:

Omg that's crazy

DarkKnight 2468 says:

Sorry I’m late I was in the hospital

Devran Moravec says:

Amazing intro may I Jack e some hand cuffs contact me at [email protected]

Bike Boys says:

Wasn't someone gonna win that rick?

2kman92 says:

Dam kids, you knew you were playing with fire, and you did not have a way to put it out, shame shame

Fresh Panda says:

Try and ram the car when you try to open it

Dylan 22 says:

Can I have the flare gun

zoomeaze says:


Bob The says:

Hi Rick. Nice vid. Liked before watching because I knew it was going to be good

Bob The says:

210th commented, 686th liked, and 15,700th viewed

San Fran says:

Use a drill in a key hole next time you need to open a car and see if that works

Geraldine Costello says:

RIP funny man

Jessika Brown says:

Can i have the flare gun

Water Toast says:

A pistol that catches stuff on fire? That sounds like a good weapon.

Dmgtube Channel says:

Pls get a shout out

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