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California Officers Respond To Shoplifter With A Bat In Walmart

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James Miller says:

The reason for the charge is plain as day. When the shot was fired, the suspect was staggering, leaning toward the partition wall immediately to his strong side, and the bat was absolutely not raised. It was horizontal, at most.
With 3 officers on site at that moment, it was the perfect opportunity to tackle instead of risk killing over shoplifting.

Elizabeth Jeffrey says:

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ml3712 says:

This would be ones fault for working and living in the communist country of California.

Joseph Bodie says:

Shot was not needing they just needed to deploy the second taser faster

BAnder7192 says:

I guess they should start shooting unarmed people, like they've always have. You never know if they have MMA skills right?🤣 Don't do the job if you can't get down with those hands! For those, including ASP who think I'm taking sides, I'm not. He said, "Bust it" and got what he wanted. I guess all those who don't understand the culture missed that one!

T S says:

Im a conservative. Im right wing . im pro good police. I believe blm to be a terrorist organization. And there is no way in hell they should have shot this guy when they did..he was not a lethal threat at that moment. A bat is a close quarters weapon and they had enough distance ruling the bad ineffective. 100 percent bad shoot. Should have taken the perp down soon as he first went hands on. Imo.

Joel Rojas says:


The Mexican Maidu says:

Thats how it happens out here in California…cops don't give a shit…yu cant point yur finger or raise your voice at a cop with out getting beat up or killed…cops are the biggest gang in California…this video proves it

Brad Allen says:

I haven't watched ASP in around a month. I forgot how terrible these situations are. Wanting to be violent is so bad!

Dave May says:

People are stupid & people are crazy!

Brad Allen says:

When the other 49 states overruled California voters in the 1980s and 1990s by forcing California to accept all the invading communists into our state, we were forced to give up against our will, and those are the types of communist District Attorneys that the other 49 states caused to us. Oh, and, by the way, any costs those communists incurred because of those actions of the other 49 states is owed to Californians because the other 49 states are to blame for that. So, yes, you get to bail us out, now, since you didn't get rid of the spies and invaders WHEN WE TOLD YOU TO BACK WHEN WE VOTED THAT WAY OURSELVES.

Steve Miller says:

Following. Want to see outcome. Appreciate every video you do!!

First Recon 432 says:

The officer could have backed up

Ryan V says:

I may be alone here, but there could have been many outcomes where no one was hurt and that man wasn't shot. The first officer on scene came face to face with the man with the bat? He shot the man later, but at that point he didn't feel threatened, what changed? Also, by getting that close and by the tone, it looked like he wasn't trying to de-escalate the situation. After the initial taser, those officers could have used hand to hand tactics to subdue him. Maybe mace could have been used? I am not familiar with the laws so these are questions, not an open door for an argument.

The Silence says:

The law is now just a suggestion for the people that "make our laws" it only applies if it fits there narrative.

warmfuzzydeath says:

a social worker would have been better. sarcasm…

R Zkittlez says:

lol ya he just wanted to shoot him the cop deserves to be fried being a cop and having his hand on the guys wrist LOL he shoulda had the training to put him down right ther smh hes geting what he deserves

Bold Carry says:

5 D’s plus one anyone?

Wayne Sowerby says:

Well done Police, great job and you tried every single option before lethal force.

Anthony Herrera says:

Sad that the cop actually thought he had to use his gun to defend his life

ethan cornett says:

If I was that cop there is no way i would stick around for the hearing/court. I would not trust Californians with my life.

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