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Bronx Bodega Conflict Gets Out of Hand Quickly

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Clem fandango says:

Both we’re armed in New York ? Gang or drug sheeet

Pork money says:

The only place deadlier than a demrat womb…is a GunFree Zone

Melbourne Stacker says:

He was just trying to give him a twinky bar.

Jeffrey Prezalar says:

That was a set up all day,the guy has a full face covering on it aint that cold out.

Teabagonyou says:

Pulling a un chambered gun in response to this was absurd.

Patrick Turner says:

I think the guy in the black drew his gun first. It looks like when dude swings he goes for his gun

John W says:

Wow …..just wow. Thats why you dont bump your gums cause life can get dusted off quick. This almost looked like a setup.

Tech Flagg says:

Everyone in the comments who thinks getting punched is justification to pull a gun is a coward simple as that.

AkuR kyojin says:

The comment section is full of hidden racist!
This country has some serious mental health problem

Roger Griego says:


Eddie Costa says:

Welcome to New York…..

Jose Fernandez says:

I thought he was gonna say “today’s lesson a reminder to stay out of the bronx”😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jolo Sarmiento says:

it feels like somehow John is being forced to change his stance due to the Rittenhouse effect and the only thing he can do is to do a complete 180 in the hopes that the audience will recognize the sarcasm…

at least i really hope this is the case

Fish says:

Cops are still looking…that’s some real shit police work!

Dee Hinker says:

Just because the guy in yellow was about to pull a gun doesn't necessarily mean he was the aggressor, seemed like John didn't see the left hook before that, the puncher and the gunman are TOGETHER and he didn't save an INNOCENT person they MURDERED a person.

Dylan Breznay says:

Looking good John.

Noah Keely says:

Tired of this woke nonsense. Been seeing the shift for months with your increased focus on LAPD but now it's abhorrent. Unsubscribing.

christian sealand says:

Good riddance

Cool Cat says:

Just another day in the good ole us of a ….bodies on the curb waiting for pickup 🛻

Mick Brentar says:

Was anyone able to capture the time of the draw to first shot?


0:47 Guy who shot him looks like a true assassin

Abdullah Shahani says:

I actually have a NYS pistol permit, and even if yellow jacket really had one, you have the DUTY TO

Dylan Tuf says:

BX still wild.

Mark Jenkins says:

I wish audio existed for these things, although I don't think it would have helped.
I just want more context.
Actions speak louder than words, and I couldn't think of anything that would justify Yellow Coat's weapon draw.

Jackbox Gaming says:

So many people get into this sort of trouble. No point being a big man whilst dead is it. Grow up and walk away and keep your mouth shut.

TheVT Adventure says:

These gangbangers keep taking themselves out… 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

neil leonardo says:

That is Murder, He is not in conflict with the dude who he gunned down

Dave C. says:

For those that don't know laws in NYC, unless you're Robert DeNiro, you're not getting a carry permit in NYC. Theres a million laws that make that gun illegal already.

SpeedyD says:

Damn. Dude hit the ground harder then he hit his white girlfriend.

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