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British Security Guard Defends Amazingly Well | Active Self Protection

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Charles Keough says:

That could have gone south. Glad the officers were not hurt.

Adrian Kwamena Ackon says:

What a nice insight to the 5 D's + 1

Jim Bean says:

Sponsored by Idaho Potatoes

Nizzle FoShizzle says:

Booking a perp with no cuffs? Grow up Britain.

Adam Miller says:

Yeah, police not security guards. That's a police station.

snipeu67 says:

Why didn’t they search his ass before getting booked? You couldn’t hide that big knife in a typical quick pat down.

10after10 says:

Damn John! Shedding some weight!

David Y says:

I'm commenting after watching the video once. How did they not shake him? if you're getting booked, the first thing after getting cuffed would be a 'get to know you intimately' routine, no?

Richard P says:

New Ink: Never let anyone else's opinion get in between you and God. Keep up the great work and if you decide to get more tattoos great.

Deric Littrell says:

That guy have that in his prison wallet!? Fast hands on that cop! Great job

Bad Spock says:

I am now mounting all my cameras in my security system in the house on potatoes. Even my 4K cameras. Then I can say I filmed them on a potato. That's how I roll. 😉

Love your videos as always John. I saw your award Live show too from youtube for 1 Million Subs. Congrats!

Ryan Tran Thompson says:

Good reflexes…. glad he is safe… do they not search on the street before entering the jail?

Chuck Sargent says:

How was this guy not cuffed and searched before he was being booked?

Age of Reason says:

Apparently British police don't frisk before an arrest because it might cut into their tea time.

radiosification says:

John, that's a police officer not a security guard

Roy's Place says:

He had a fast reaction to his attempt at stabbing him .

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