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Brazilian Off Duty Sees Two Guys On A Moto

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Vman358 says:

Are off duty cops and criminals the only ones allowed to have guns in Brazil?

Matt F says:

I've come to the opinion that there is no on duty police in Brazil.
The whole department is constantly off duty, wandering the streets doing their job!

Planet Drake says:

Hate that we live in a world like this but the cop made all the right actions

Reginald House says:

It's the same in Asia. Two guys on a bike is a red alert!

Vamavid says:

0:57 Flawed thinking.


It is like a doctor saying, "people are rarely not sick because all the people I see at the hospital are unwell."

Mr. Matt says:

I did not expect a happy ending.
A nice surprise.

Conner Feye says:

If you watch this channel you know u better be strapped if you go to brazil

mark croydon says:

Brazilian Off Duty Sees Two Guys On A Moto?
This has to be the MOST Active Self Protection headline EVER!

Rambo Wilford says:

Never really see the darker ones doin the crazy shit frfr correct me if im wrong

bat bat says:


Terry Smith says:

The cop looked disappointed

ohrl1 says:

If this was America, you be called a racist

Christopher Williams says:

Same thing happens in the dominican republic.. Key is the visor on the helmet ⛑.. When down robbing.. When up buying!

G GHOST says:

💯🐍 Thank you from the deepest part of my heart

Justin S says:

This is what John Correia does every time the mailman comes to his door.

Saleem Alhakim says:

He could have paid for their liquor and snacks.

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