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Brazilian Grandpa “Nopes” Out Of Robbery

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Pink Guy says:

INTRUDER: Give Me Money
GRANDPA : Pablo Escobar Was My Friend

MrVaultGuy111 says:

He just up and leaves

Robbers: "Understandable. Have a nice day"✌

Delx Lunardi says:

The gun seem to be an old hunting pistol, usually 36 or 40 gauge in order to hunt small birds in a close distance. It is a single shot gun. They are not usual now a days.

Mickey balloons says:

Transitional space GoLD

eyeVANDALeyes says:

the robbers saw the "Call an ambulance, but not for me" video and didnt feel that lucky that day.

keltoi says:

Man what kind of DIY antique weapon is that supposed to be lol xD

SpongeBob Imagination says:

This is a robbery! Ugh sh!t, grandpa? I told you to stay at home today. Get out of here and not a word of this to grandma.

Provocateur SK says:

Finaly a believer that is not afraid of going to heaven.

Maurice O'Ray II says:

If they all got caught, it might be a community where everybody knows each other.

Mark D says:

And not 1 off duty officer to be seen how strange !!!!!!!!

615 says:

when ur from brazil or a latin america country like this old man ur gonna go through some robberies in ur lifetime. clearly not his first😂

615 says:

they were like we robbers not monsters

615 says:

john u looking good😍 no homo

C Francis says:

This was a non-event.

Google User says:

The old man has too much life experience to be intimidated by a bunch of robbers and has better things to do that day. ☺️

Douglas Bollinger says:

Gramps: "I'm too old for this S&^%. I'm leaving!" (Wise person equals old person!)

Karate Joe says:

Do you recommend the strategy the robbers used of wearing matching work jackets?

Coming soon says:

Grand pa.."ain't nobody got time fo that"

fuck you GOOGLE says:


Im Okay I Swear says:

Gramps was going to fetch the off duty officer down the road

Awsd34 says:

Brazil never disappoints

Isaiah Sanciprian says:

Instead of saying you don’t know where the video takes place, just say Brazil lol, you’re probably right anyways

Mohamed Santuro says:

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John Gunter says:

I haven't seen all of your videos yet. I like you're content but..Do you think Kubiton's is a good self defense option? Hope you see this.👍🤔

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