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Bodega Clerk Attacked By Robber

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PPUEE says:

now if the clerk did what that 1 old guy did, and stuck a knife in him, now the Clerk would be identified as a Terrorist and the police will charge him for everything illegal, but if they caught the criminal, they'd probably lock him up for 1 day, release him, and buy him a new baclava and gun to go and rob another store

Boppinabe says:

You live and work in NY or any other #Democrat hellhole you're an accomplice in your own attack. So many chances in the last 10 years to fix this and they blew every single one.

Uzi TV says:

I’m from Staten Island and I have a smoke shop if someone come at me like that he’s living in a body bag 😂👳🏽‍♂️

Melvin Fernandez says:

No pencils in that work space? No need for empty handed skills with a sharp No. 2 pencil. 👍🏽 just saying.

K9EZ says:

John you do such a good job at instruction, thank you. If I may add regarding MMA being a good source for “dirty boxing” it certainly is. I would like to add that there is something specific we can all learn from regarding MMA; they have rules for the fighters: Focus on the rules of what the MMA doesn’t allow; and get good at doing those techniques to save your life. Lets discuss what do the rules of MMA preclude?

A W Fan says:

I wouldn't want to be a clerk in an major American city, yikes! What a violent country, just killing everyone everywhere, and attacking each other too on a daily basis

Kenneth Young says:

Agreed. Having sone knowledge on how control hooks and at least drilling sprawling your legs back can do a lot

Mike says:

I get my self defense training from movies, video games and YouTube

Shaun Bon says:

Is the article on the front toage of the newspaper on the counter from the video of the girl shooting her bf?? Inception

Funkafella01 says:

Why it’s also a good idea to carry a pocket knife. Grabs your neck from behind cut the ligaments when he lets go slash his jugular and call it a day.

PregoJoker says:

Dude…. WHY is this old weak man working here?!?!
I'd LOVE a thug like that to try and rob me… Id have SO MUCH fun…. SO MUCH.

eyesonthey says:

So many perps committing all the crime, Lyft driver was recently shot execution style in the back of the head by a perp and they're only throwing aggravated assault charges at him, luckily she survived.

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