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Best Self Defense? #shorts

In this video, let us see if this clip is the best defense on the internet. I do not recommend fights but if ever you need to defend yourself from 2 bullies, you will need speed, power and boxing knowledge to handle this type of multiple opponent fight. Free Boxing Tutorial Videos: How to Throw a Punch in a Fight How to Box in 4 Minutes | Boxing Training for Beginners Sparring Tips in Boxing – Beginners Should Know before First Fight: Grab the Worlds Best Boxing drills package here: MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow me on Instagram: Subscribe to my Youtube channel: Follow me on Twitter: My name is Tony Jeffries, Olympic Bronze medallist & former undefeated pro boxer. I’m the owner of The Boxing Fitness Academy; this is our certification course, where we teach you how to teach boxers for fitness and start a career with it. My Clothes and Equipment: at


Tony Jeffries says:

What will you do in a 2 vs 1 situation?
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Daniel Neil says:

But what if the two guys have arms…

bkhan791 says:

Your wrong because the guys don't come back like the dummys

Aaron says:

School bully mess with me.

Daryl Brown says:

Also, if you meet a guy who says he just knocked out two guys like that.. you've just met a liar. (Unless it's Masvidal)

pepsiwithice says:

I always see people on YouTube making fun of this Greg guy just to hope on the bandwagon. Tony keeps it real with zero biases.

Joe Wools says:

FOR REAL…dude will wreck you 😬

Justin Fetalvero says:

Greg from Kinobody is a wealth of info! Highly recommend checking his work out.

Christian Carvajal says:

how to win a slap box in school

Kataponder says:

I like how they politely wait to be hit

Steve Rossen says:

I don’t think those dummies are accurate humans. Most would fall by then. Or block.

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