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Best Martial Art for Self Defense: Striking or Grappling? | Eli Knight vs. Ryan Hoover

What is the best martial art for self defense? What’s better for self defense? Grappling or striking? We get these questions quite a bit. They are dumb, but not as dumb as you would think… each individual will have a different experience with each martial art, so there’s more to it than “learn to punch, learn to sprawl” if we want that person to continue training. Full Disclaimer: I am a fan and follower of both Eli Knight and Ryan Hoover and have learned a lot from both of them through their YouTube and Instagram content. Check out Knight Jiu-Jitsu: Check out Ryan Hoover @ Fit to Fight: The video upon which the bulk of this parody was based: Eli’s Instagram (if this one doesn’t get destroyed): Ryan’s Instagram: Get hard2hurt merch here! Please consider supporting hard2hurt and get exclusive content available only on Patreon. Follow Mike: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: My Kit: Icy Mike and Passive Jay Podcast: DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on them, hard2hurt receives a small commission. This helps supports the hard2hurt channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thanks for supporting us and stay hard2hurt. Music: Lying Low by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License SK by Text Me Records / Social Work used with permission from the YouTube Audio Library. Junebug by The Grand Affair used with permission from the YouTube Audio Library.


Knight Jiu-Jitsu says:

Ok fine…this shit is funny.

Zackie Chan says:

1:46 At 8 months, grapplers gain the time-traveling ability. This ability to traverse the space-time continuum non-linearly creates opportunities to fight on multiple dimensions, and eventually have control over gravity itself, thereby unlocking the flight ability. This is further evidence that all Kung Fu masters were expert grapplers, as they flew all the time in Hong Kong cinema.

yağız yalçıntaş says:

That was hilarious 😀

ubcroel says:

Striking (muay thai or kickboxing) with no-gi bjj as a secondary so you know how to reverse positions

Jason Trotter says:

6:03 Shoryuken

Daniel Garcia says:

Hahaha! Yes, I love it! Spot on with both impersonations!!!

elenchus says:

I really liked the discussion of competency curves and find them to be generally accurate. I would add that an addition factor to why BJJ is so dominant with relatively little training is because people instinctively have a defense (a poor one) against striking but almost no instinctual defense against submission fighting. If someone just tries to punch you out of the blue, and you know nothing, you can respond with your own lame punches or cover up. You'll suck, but it is a rational response. If someone tries to get you in an RNC or kimura, or they have you in side control, you have no instincts to draw from. You literally know nothing and are at that point basically hopeless.

Google Is A Cruel Mistress says:

I'd say in a 1v1 it doesn't really matter too much but if I had to pick one I'd say grappling because it let's you stay safer in a fight and has more consistent results against people who haven't trained in it,
in 1vMany striking with a bit of grappling, grappling just commits you to a single opponent for too long especially if the other guy is able to resist for a few seconds letting all of them rush you while striking let's you employ hit and run tactics as well as create defensive spacing by throwing a quick attack to make the other guys keep their distance but grappling is still necessary in case one of them gets close enough to do a takedown or something

Felipe Figueiredo de Campos says:

My position… this position… that position…to this position… 😂👍. From this position. 😎👍. Thanks a million 😂.

lyes mez says:

i was asking myself this question for months and i couldn't find an rational answer from an experienced person
, thank you very much for the video sir

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