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Best 1st gun for self defense | Simple & Reliable

Links to all my things including this t-shirt: My reasons for believing that a revolver is the best first self defense firearm for someone to own.


CajunBoyJake says:

Links to all my things including this t-shirt:

Joseph Montoya says:

What would be recommended though 22LR or . 38 special. My first self defense is an RSEC 9

John Grim777 says:

Revolvers are simple to operate. I can agree. Start them off with a .38 special. Not that much recoil. Revolvers are underrated. The snub nose ones are easy to conceal. The trigger pull teaches someone trigger control and reset. At least for a double action one. The DA/SA takes some getting used to but yup.

BJ Harrison says:

This is a really good point. Thank you.

JohnnyStorm says:

This is excellent advice. I also find that revolvers, which don't have the magazine in the grip, work better for people with smaller hands, including many women.

Bayley McNamee says:

In the chance of an encounter it's likely to be 1 maybe 2 people attacking. 2 or 3 shots is enough from a revolver. If you have more than 3 people attacking, a guns not gonna save you most the time anyway.

That1Streamer says:

I wouldn't recommend a revolver to anyone who isn't going to train

Anonymous says:

Omg thats sooo hard…please show how its hard to load a mag and insert it in the gun!!!

RhinoSauserous says:

No disrespect to the guy in the video but I was always taught as a general rule of thumb in the gun world…..never listen to someone when they speak in "the gun you need is…..*fill in the blank*" language.

Tiger6xray 196LIB says:

Smart man. A revolver may not be as cool as an automatic but for a beginner it the best. Also a lot of lad ladies have difficulty charging an auto pistol. A revolver is much easier to operate.

Mickey's Corner says:

Only a moron would not know how to work their gun. I guess you are talking to all the morons. Revolvers do not have enough bullets for a moron.

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