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Bank Heist Is A Hard Situation For Guard

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kahamarca kemosabe says:

Unless you are a crackshot you can not avoid getting hit in this situation

dank genetics says:

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Extreme Diys says:

Damn you got skinny from the last time i saw one of your videos

stormrider777 says:

Scum like this should burn in hell.

AKeyboard Warrior says:

We all have to make money somehow, but I don't see being a guard for a bank as a worthwhile endeavor. You're putting your life on the line for a BANK…. If you want to guard others and help keep people safe, become a permit holder for concealed weapons and get real training, often.

Cas Schmah says:

Thanks 🙏🏼 Jon for today’s lesson

smhsadley says:

John Correia I been FOLLOWING you for years … only thing great here is your effort to teach us how to stay vigilant and your personal gains love seeing your physical goals show up on here keep doing what you do for yourself and for us subscribers… sad part is evil thinks they doing the right thing …. smgdh .. stay frosty..

Paul MCconahy says:

Jhon what was your first appendix carry holster? And the ride height?

VeganMikedizzle says:

Dude….. all that weight loss you're starting to look like Michael Bublé.

Don Miller says:

Thank you John for always including spiritual fitness. I watch every day and appreciate all you do!

Michi69 says:

The bystander who stepped (chilled) out of the door was so lucky 😅

P. w. S. says:

Cover cover cover that counter was a place to shoot from not in the open

Harrison P says:

Should have stayed behind cover

Bryan F says:

I'd say this is a great excuse for plains clothes security. Even the first bad guy to shoot could have ended the guard easily.

Brian Garcia says:

The guard should have went bad boys 2 on them! Always specially when there's multiple perpetrators!! I feel he got shot down because he ducked,,

MegaRhettButler says:

I feel bad for the guard. He probably made close to minimum wage and had little training or even none at all. Security is like that. He should have just let them take the money to be honest.

NoFox Givin says:

What's with the finger nail?

Ecoscienceczar says:

On a side note why is your fingernail painted black?

jaochaigob says:

That poor man… Evil bastards, I hope they aren't caught alive.

Matthew Hylton says:

That's an honorable security guard!!! The company should have considered themselves lucky to have such a consistent defender!!!

Joseph Saeteurn says:

poorly trained bank guard.

greg wagner says:

John my friend if you don't want to lose subscribers you better make sure YouTube doesn't play anti Trump ads

Emerson Galvao says:

Amen brother

Emmanuel Simpson says:

Getting your relationship with jesus right..I love this guy..hes spiritual and real

SeanWick says:

I'd never die trying to protect someone else's money nor would I expect someone to die trying to protect my money. Life is more valuable than any thing else.

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