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Arizona Officer Tries To Be Peaceful | Active Self Protection

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Ebong Eka says:

"Bless the deserving with the hot sauce!" LMAO

Terry Bell says:

dresses like biker, rides a huffy nice.

Jim Rogers says:

Late 40's on a crap bike ? then he gets combative as soon as he realizes he's busted and he pulls what the officer thought was a knife , so he got what he deserved. Good job Officer !

Heu Valadao says:

What a poor job! The cop should be frank to the guy from the beginning. Firm and polite.
He went from friendly to aggressive in 1 second. Anyone's natural reaction would be : what the heck, dude!?!

Darryl Reinsel says:

John what pepper spray do you recommend?

Tammy Nance says:

Hey… Im a cop and I am friendly and just hanging out with a citizen…..then…..out of the blue he attacks the guy.
I would have shot that cop.
Be a man, state your business. Dont be a deceptive coward, unless you want the same treatment.


Baptism by fire.

Guns, Dip & Life says:

completely justified

Chris Tamez says:

I see this and just cringe. Why Does Flagstaff feel the need to blur that out? That tells me what kind of Dept. the officer works for. The training now is to hesitate apparently. I get conversing with the guy to wait for cover but when it is on, it is on (He knew it was gonna be a fight). Why hold onto the guy? That was not even a compliance hold. Engage, punch, elbow, knee, tie the hands up and get the guy on the ground.

Mario Molina says:

Apparently he never saw training day they are some violations you can let go, he look for trouble he just didn't like the way that guy looked.

Mutorcsym1391 says:

Do you think the officer was aiming for his neck……..?

Jesse True says:

So this is why police have to get pepper sprayed in the face during their training.
For guys like this.

Chef Frank says:

Dude thought that he was all badass on his lowrider bike, LMAO!!

Justin Cooperative says:

This John Corriea guy doesn't have an ounce of police training on his plate. He does a nice job explaining actual self defense, but this video isn't one of them. Be careful what you learn here, because you could be taking the room temp challenge for something he encouraged you to do. It's obvious that he cares more about the $'s per view than your actual safety.

rarelibra says:

"oh… you hit me in the head"… yeah, no shit, dirtbag…

Womobi Arsenal says:

Lol "I want you to get my bike dude"

mitchell brenner says:

Dang man you lost some weight! Im down 65lbs myself

Sheldon Danielak says:

Dont spray someone unless you want it back lol.

Jeffrey Ramsower says:

Stupid tricks deserves stupid prizes….One 165g. .40 cal medal

Jalin Wilson says:

If someone attack’s me with pepper spray can I shoot them? Real question

Dennis Massengill says:

Never trust a grown man riding a kid's bicycle.

Fitness Professor says:

He shouldn't have shot him for pepper spray. He tried to kill him.

Bobby Auvil says:

Seems a little extreme to shoot somebody for using a non-lethal defensive tool against you…after you just sprayed him…after confronting him and stalling him with bullshit conversation intended to bide you time to get your friends there to assist you. I thought this dude on the bike—warrant aside—was pretty cool and collected the whole time, considering the circumstances. The cop grabbed him before even giving the guy the respect of letting him know he had a warrant. Then, after starting physical, aggressive contact, he yells “you have a warrant”…that seems a little late to me. I’d fight, too. You better tell me what’s going on before you go hands-on. Period. Having a warrant shouldn’t eliminate basic respect and common sense. He spoke down to this guy like he was inferior. You could feel it in the officers dialogue. Maybe it was just from his own fear. I don’t agree with this shooting. If he knew the guy before even making contact and feared the confrontation, he should’ve waited for backup before initiating contact.

Robert N says:

Your daily reminder that once again, pepper spray is totally useless in a defense scenario against a motivated individual.

Zachary Bolo says:

That cop was awful

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