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Argentinian Store Owner Shows Great Attitude

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w9amCYYTKksreuaukczt0HJFq4GSh5FeSHYD2jdxLtyuKaCn4T says:

She's a fighter

Dominic says:

That was stupid. She's lucky the asshole wasn't enough of an asshole to use that gun.
The guy wasn't a killer, he was just a thief. She could be confronted to a cold-blooded killer next time.

Matthew Cauble says:

I was told by my first firearms instructor, “a poor plan, attacked aggressively, can still have a positive outcome.”

Un ciclista en Buenos Aires says:

In Argentina is very common thiefs whit fake/aisoft or non funtional weapons. The gate is for the metallic blind, to ensure the store when is closed.

orion 2250 says:

When can a person hop in and beat the wee out of the attacker?

joshballesteros22 says:

Bet he’s not gonna tell his essays about this one. Lol

philip rodriguez says:

Love her power and willingness!!!! She did great.

Bill B. says:

When that hat came off I lost. Dude looked like a monk with those bangs and the bald head.

Milk Ape Is Milky says:

Think I dated this girl.

Rico Ochoa says:

What a fool! What a Coward! Not my human!

Blankity Blank says:

What would motivate someone like her to be so silly? I bet nothing in that place was worth it.

munecito2002 says:

Not a delivery door. It like like she was closing for the day and that is the exit for the roller door

The Kenyan Dream says:

Risky and kinda stupid but great attitude on her. If that dude was a killer …

Goodbye Mr. Anderson says:

If that was my wife I would demand she never work again at that store. Such a beautiful strong woman does not deserve to risk er life over some clothing. Thank the good lord the perp was not a killer, but if I was her I would be very careful in that area for the next while.
She def covered her ass.

Viking Zombie says:

Well you know what they say. Fight for your life like it matters!

loveforeignaccents says:

My hero! Not even gay but want to marry this badass lady!!

Caligula Fortuna says:

lucky lady no doubt

I may or may not be Batman says:

How to commit suicide like a hero?

Carlos Ytg says:

47k views *9 hours ago

Walid Sad says:

Thats not great atittude from her .. he did not want to kill her as i see . So she is lucky

Allan Wafkowski says:

Gotta love her.

Vitaly says:

This is like marriage. His gun became their gun.

Pajarillaga, Vergel T. says:

*Doesn't have any ammo
*The gun is not real
*the perp just wants money.

Rudy Carrera says:

Perp: Give me a TOUPEE!!!
Store Owner: ¡NO WAY, JOSÉ! Take this instead, you sTOUPEEd!!!

Rube Clayton says:


TKCoutside says:

That is one (insert appropriate adjective/s here) chick man! Wow! It’s almost as though she knew the gun was fake, not loaded, he wouldn’t use it, something? Her not getting shot was amazing to me. Oh, and her dominating this guy was almost comical, if it wasn’t such a deadly situation. Amazing video, crazy man, crazy 🤯😳🤯

John Hoover says:

He didn't expect to run into Lady Dimitrescu

mike says:

This robber was actually nice all things concidered. I would strongly suggest not doing what she did. We see most unhappy endings as a result of a failed disarm attempt. She got lucky she didn't go against a killer.

Nancy Hollo says:

Dark out. Alone in store. Unarmed. Door unlocked. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

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