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Argentine Off-Duty Is Well Prepared

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I Tee says:

A finely tuned ear,
A quick sideways glance,
Gave robber the gift,
Of lead and soiled pants.

mario parra says:

you called it John "no honor amongst thieves"

nipperdog7777 says:

OMG HAHAH Those bumpy things on top of the gun. God, I love it.

Ralph Castillo says:

So is being a police officer in South America an actual job? Or just a status symbol, 🤔 always off duty

WillieRants says:

Brilliant commentary and insights as usual John.

Tracy Gilbert says:

When The Flash resorts to a life of crime.

philip bohi says:

"Meep Meep!" That dude took off like the Roadrunner…the only thing missing was an Acme rocket for the good guy to chase him.

Nor Tech says:

More salt to eat to learn good shooting

Hollywood Hawkins says:

No seriously mike.. that dude could’ve had a career in sprinting!!

Sam Shepard says:

Usain Bolt ain't got nutttin' on you, bro 😂😂😂

Noe Dimas says:

That adrenaline rush made him faster then his buddy on the bike 🏃🏼‍♂️💨 🏍

Willie Fufu says:

He did his Jessie Owens.

atfinn says:

Dude had wheels.

Yvonne cerio says:

He run very fast..

Ahmad Khan says:

My God. He ran so fn fast. Hahaha

C NearWheel says:

Run Forest Run!!!

Redskins Pride WGIL says:

This is how the Coyote (in his chase of the Roadrunner) would be running so hard, he'd pass the Roadrunner.

delicious fishes says:

I hate to see the officer stop shooting at this robber. At what point do we have a moral obligation to rid the world of this kind of scum?

Marky Marco says:

(1) off duty cop – Checked
(2) two guys on a motorcycle – Checked
(3) crossfire – Checked
(4) street camera – Checked

Proven, it's a little Brazil already.

Kevin Irons says:

This is the case where you are in the wrong profession. That guy was way too fast.

phone home says:

Reports say that, Usain Bolt trying to locate the would be mugger n challenge him to a race

Mark Payne says:

That dude was drawing his weapon before he even turned his head. That’s sad when you just hear a motorcycle in those countries and have to assume they are bad guys.

sean watts says:

I'm seeing alot of comments about how fast he's running 💀the video was sped up. The original source of this video isn't sped up. And is normal speed.

Martin C says:

Hey John should I be scared of all approaching motorcycles with two guys on it lol what the hell.

zaw lin says:

Like this running can expect Olympic Gold medal 🥇

J R says:

So that flashman have been doing while he is not wearing his mask

Maks Repsol says:

Damn he ran so fast..

J Sides says:

“Smoke em if you got em” LMFAOOOOO thanks for laughs and hard work today. Keep it up. 💜

Christopher Nielsen says:

Man that guy can run FAST!

Larry McNeil says:

More like usian bolt john😂 he almost caught up to his partner on the motorcycle

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