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Always Look For Your Opportunity To Fight Back

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Roger Knight says:

Without having your own firearm, there is no counter ambush here.

UnlimitedMercy says:

Absolutely would have counter ambushed. I don’t trust a violent felon not to shoot me when he gets what he wants.

Jesus Lopez says:

Stop voting demoncrat

Kevin Martinez says:

Love the ccw videos !

Philly Boy says:

Everyone has a different mindset, that is to say we all think differently about a situation as it unfolds. Maybe I’m not wired like most but I would count myself as a dead man already with nothing else to lose, so I would counter ambush. History has shown us too many examples of these animals getting what they want or not getting what they want and still killing people, I might go down but I won’t go down alone. Now I am not a keyboard cowboy, I have a history of defending others , I just do care for bullies of any ilk.

Eyes Closed Tight says:

If I was in that situation, I would bust out my cock and challenge them for a measurement! They may have gotten away with the money but they'll always know who has the bigger package! You can only do so much with money! Right ladies? 😉

Luca Neiri says:

Mind my business unless they try robbing me, I’d walk right out the door lol they most likely would be too focused on the front counter and clerk

L.A. BUNNY says:

Maybe he did NOT have an opportunity because the other perp could have been pointing his gun at him!!??

Russell Hamner says:

Of course if I had a weapon…but if not, I'd be thinking, do you feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?

Dark Horse 3/5 says:

They're alive

Guitargreat says:

He could’ve smashed that dude! Nothing guarantees your safety against these monsters they have no regard for human life! If they’re willing to rob a store with a gun then they’re willing to kill

Matt Turner says:

Too many variables. Are my kids with me? is my wife too? If they are and she's not then I have to prioritize getting them out to safety. If my wife is there I can let her focus on that while I provide opportunity for her to get her out. By myself? Then looking for opportunities without pause. If I was that clerk again absolutely I would have.

j1017bi says:

Perp was in the perfect position to be sapped. Nice stiff blow to the base of his skull and it would have been lights out.

Larry Clemens says:

Initially when the female customer had an opportunity to counter ambush the clerk was still being controlled by the other perpetrator. The clerk and customer weren't a team, and things could have went south for one or both of them if she took out the doorman and missed the bag man, or accidentally shot the clerk.

Texas Elvis says:

If he "hit" you in the head, he could've just as easily "shot" you in the head. Counter ambush while he's concentrating on the cash, if you have your tools on you.

Israel Smith says:

First thing I would do is control the gun and take him down at the same time when he was in front of me.

Peter Nault says:

Skirts don't always mean something is a miss, could be a mister, stay alert 😅

DeVoregroup says:

Perp still had his finger inside the trigger guard and everyone was very lucky there was not a negligent discharge.

Frank R says:

IDK, I get the legalities of shooting an armed robber and the possible risks of not doing so. But I would be reluctant to take a life if I thought it was just going to be a business transaction, with them leaving without doing serious harm. While I'm pretty highly trained, I sure hope that mindset does not someday get me seriously injured or killed.

Donavan Deam says:

Anybody who points a gun at me, I believe is willing to use it. If I can protect myself, I'm gonna do it.

Drknow1123 says:

I understand fear but he had so many chances to attack the idiot

Matt says:

"Maybe it was cold"
Meanwhile the girl in the store wearing shorts & a shirt.

Hi There says:

No one should have left the safe opened. Either the clerk was part of this robbery or he is a complete careless person. You know, a moron.

Bigotón Brand says:

Don't engage them, don't listen to this lard ass

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