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A Women’s Self Defense Tip You Can Learn Very Very Quickly!!

There’s a TON of BS women’s self defense tips out there. There is no shortage of fancy moves that’ll get ya in a lot of trouble. Here’s one that is simple and easy to learn and grounded in sound fundamentals. Remember that you will need to flip the switch real quick from being defensive to launching your offense effectively…


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sauce force says:

Nothing like KFM/DL at all.

No stupid out of cover strikes
No stupid strikes to pointless areas (the ankles come to mind)
No focus on one technique

Keep up the good work Ryan

hard2hurt says:

You know I teach this, but I spend a lot more time on open/long guard… but I am good at it. I'm going to reevaluate that because I may be looking at it through the wrong lense.

Hawkie M says:

Very useful. I learned this in my KM training also. Do not stand there all night like this though, just through the first wave. Then strike back. Are you lucky they have allready hit your elbow or hard point on your arms and have broken something in their hands

Josh says:

Asking women to learn this is dangerous. God created guns so women can fight back. I cant imagine my gf or wife having to fight for her life using "kungfu" and getting killed for it. Nope..

Reloaded2111 says:

Covering your head with hands like that has one huge weakness – if attacker hits your liver instead of your head, you're bound to go down.

You know, I watch these "women self-defense tips" videos and wonder why not a single instructor is talking about hits to vital points like neck or solar plexus. Like, that would be the fastest way to take out someone. Is Systema really better than Krav Maga?

Faruk Tanış says:

I'm sorry… It's useless…

David Hutchison says:

We train the startle response to supported elbow frame, ill definitely add this. Because that is the big question, if you allow people in the pressure plus area, especially during a confrontation, will you even see the big punch coming from a low position. So this scenario is important to address and provide solutions for.

Thank you again for all you do

1sunstyle says:

In silat we actively attack at the same time we try to get our elbows hit to destroy the fists. We strike nerves on the arms to incapacitate the limbs.

xdpachacao says:

Simply excellent, thank you so much 👊👊😎

SunKiss-da-dread ISRAEL says:

I like that this guy isn’t about fancy but efficient!💪

john doe says:

This is real as fuck. It doesn't look fancy and of course the commenters are going to come up with a thousand-item list of improvements to make on this, but this is the shit that will keep people alive.

Justin Bozeman says:

Women cannot defend themselves against men… Without a firearm.

Stop teaching women's self-defense classes where it doesn't involve weapons.

The Australian women's Olympic soccer team play day 15 year old boys soccer team and they lost 9 to 0.

And that's because grown women are easily defeated by even a 13 year old boy because they are physically inferior.

give your average grown woman and knife and your average man can still defeat her no problem.

Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo says:

So turns out the KFM principle is not crazy and lame after all huh, interesting

Shifu Careaga says:

Almost correct. Wrong hand placement

swedbp1 says:

Absolutely agree, the very next step should be circling to a side to reduce number incoming strikes.

porkbap55 says:

Reminds me of keysi fighting method where that cover also turns into offence with elbows excellent vid nice one for sharing

Clarence Baluca says:

I wouldn't recommend this though. Notice how she's completely limiting her hand strikes to hammerfists, which damage the hand and are easy to intercept.

Worst of all, her center of gravity is all the way up – she can't kick, at least not that well, and is very vulnerable to sweeps, throws, and takedowns, which is usually what will be done during a rape attempt.

This should only be learned as an alternative strategy, and not the basis of one's techniques.

I would recommend keeping a normal boxer's guard and just learning to raise one arm to block each individual strike. This way you can simultaneously block and strike, as well as punch and kick like a normal person.

cool hand says:

In normal society a women to protect herself from punches is to not pick a fight with their big mouths,this is a rule that most non beta males understand fully.

Clarence Baluca says:

With the way she's standing straight up it's actually making matters worse. Her ribs are wide open, she's open to mid and low shots, and she's blocking her own vision with her arms.

Worst of all, putting your hands high while standing straight like that raises your center of makes it easier to throw you, sweep you, or take you down.

May I suggest doing it like KFM? Stay low, hunch over so you can also use your to defend against kicks and knees, and also so you can defend your head and torso at the same time.

Most importantly, stay on the move. Also, learn how to use hammerfists, as they're the only long-range hand attack you can do from that stance.


Jifftastic Ghozt says:

Good tips for teaching new folk and bitches how to protect themselves. I think this is good material- most folk don't have the interest in sparring all the time and figuring out how to avoid being instantly knocked down when given pressure.

Justin Baine says:

This is what I teach my gf. Keep your defense at all cost

Sarge PalmettoVIP says:

100% agree! This is the block that should be taught in your first few martial arts lessons!! Ty for posting!!!

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