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A Tale Of Two Very Different Muggings

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winter ramos says:

She's the type to open the door for her boyfriend

Sam Weatly says:

Not her first rodeo car door slam.

Glyn doh says:

Saw this other day but came back just to rewatch the door slam

Boz Tos says:

The privilege talk can be a rabbit hole

Lisgo Brandon says:

Privilege?!?!?! You wanna talk about privilege? How about the Privilege of being black and never having to worry about a race crime? How about being white and not being safe in any city in America? It's Black privilege.

surfdogdude says:

"Don't use cash".- said the Big Brother Globalists

My Name is Gladiator says:

You give different advice based on how you feel I guess. The second woman should not have chased that man to the car. She could have been shot or run over even.

Riverflyswatter S says:

Cash is king! Use it more and more each day!
Big government can’t track you…

Youtubers Behaving Badly says:

I got robbed at an ATM late at night. They whooped my ass and just walked off laughing, bold as brass, didn't run. I had my car parked around the corner that they hadn't seen. I got my money back.

Chili Marbles says:

Free the Georgia 3.

Mike S says:

Presumably they saw her (1st victim) at the ATM, or she does the same thing predictably each week/month. She needs to be less obvious, and she should try to hide most of the money on her body, surreptitiously . Purses are good as decoys and for carrying large cheap items, such as Kleenex and makeup. She could put an old phone, a couple of bank notes and an expired credit card in her purse, and hide the real stuff.

Dan W says:

So the girl who didn't sustain a broken leg felt better oriented to defend property?

TitoRick says:

If you can ATM you can cash app

Zach Reicherts says:

Where can u get 300 dollar rent?

Stephen Hazeldene says:

Seems safer in South Africa than in the USA

Kim Yee says:

Put money into your pocket. Never mind your handbag

Garret Stanley says:

Have a video that happend that needs explaining from you

ooXChrissieXoo says:

ouch car door slam AAAHHH he so deserves it though haha!

Mister Wrench says:

“A set of Bluetooth headphones are better than wired ones”

Audiophiles disliked that

buck lau says:

Can someone explain to me why it’s considered philosophically and morally wrong to use deadly force to stop property? This is a genuine question and I’m curious why this is the case. Does it stem from the eye for an eye principle,94 where does this idea of not using deadly force to stop property come from?

J Rock3091 says:

Sad that both were not able to carry arms to defend themselves.

DeadEye505 says:

That door slam was so clutch


That door slam was legendary level

Scott Williams says:

Man, that was extremely quick thinking slamming that car door.

Parrish J. says:

There is over ten MILLION job openings right now so stop being a P.O.S. & GET A JOB!!! Always keep your head on a swivel when out in public & carry a gun!

Anony Moose says:

Imagine getting evicted from your place cause you got mugged. Your landlord doesnt give a single fuck.

Drew Torre says:

Long Beach in the same category as South Africa.. smh America

Mike Perkins says:

The blood of Jesus protects me Pastor.
You know that.


Fuck that. Curb stomp him. Attitude is everything.

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