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A Revenge Story From Russia

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Don Dooley says:

see how relaxed the staff were, they knew they would be found and taught a lesson later on.

smokkaraucher says:

This is Serbia. On that red tray its written Zajecarsko. Zajecar is the city in Serbia. Close to Russia but not geographic 😂

Communismo Libertario says:

This is Serbia not Russia

deez nutz says:


Zach F says:

Let me get this straight, these guys terrorize the store owner and his employees, absolutely destroy the restaurant and then somehow they’re made out to be the victims in the whole thing?… Absolutely ridiculous. Criminals have way too many rights.


Sorry, but I'd have to look the other way. As Schultzy would say, I see nothing, I know nothing.

Lkp Xml says:

Hey, there is no jandarme in Russia :)))

Lkp Xml says:


Todd Todd says:

Reminds me when Nikolai Volkoff beat up the Iron Sheikh

Todd Todd says:

Looks like they defunded Serbian cops. 40 minutes later?

John Uzzell says:

I was watching the employees chill while owner is threatened with a knife. Kind of like, "oh, another knife fight is about to go down." yawn

Jordam Narchuk says:

I guess they paid for the broken dishes..

CACTUS says:

It would be easy to pull a gun on the dude and white and warn him of you’re tactics

DroverChicago says:

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Which in Russia it often is.

Mr Nator says:

It’s all about the rat placement

DLC Driftz says:

Are u gonna speak on George floyeds death

Nir Tal says:

Just ordered the Mantis X10… I’m a victim of your advertising 😂

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