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A Perfectly Timed Counter-Ambush Is A Thing Of Beauty | Active Self Protection

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td li says:

How chill was the dude in orange. Pops one in meaty bits and then casually puts it away after the perp bails out.

Alwyn Dellow says:

He still got away with their fones tho. Should have popped him twice.

mary jane says:

looking lean, man! wow!

jerryczdog says:

He was hiding behind his friend in white shirt , he used him as shield all the time .

valpro99 says:

Perfect timing. He did everything right.

Chop says:

Bam. Love the channel. Adding the insurance to my home owners policy soon! Keep these coming

bob smith says:

Hows about using his big friend in the white as a human shield… with friends like these

Durhamite77 says:

I think he handled it perfectly

Mike Stand says:

he shouldve popped off two or three shots not just one, finish the job, no half measures! the guy couldve easily returned fire, some guys run, some guys shoot it out, this time he won, he better hope there's not a next time, it could be a guy that stands his ground.

Arco Cola says:

That’s my ideal situation. One shot

qbanz says:

He should have neutralized the guy

Seth Rich says:

Lesson of the day: Stay reasonably fit so you don’t end up as the human shield of the friend group.


the orange guy says' "okay you have my cellphone & one bullet"

P. w. S. says:

Calm aware and active, wait and then take it, all of it!

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