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A Crazy Situation In A Garage

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Smoke Jaguar says:

One shot got the mugger in the spine

CHACHIO GUNNS!! plomito mendoza says:

This video looks like it was staged!
No blood!! And the criminal desided to stay after he lost his first gun!!???? It looks very staged!!

Setting Sun says:


Little Lilburn says:

Good guy should have been pulling that trigger as long as the threat was there!

Seek Truth says:

That homeowner tried to get himself killed twice. Just did not know what to do I guess.

Omar Rochet says:

Imagine he came extra prepared with a third gun!

Jackie Chiles says:

Amazing. Homeowner goes from Jason Bourne to Ernest P. Worrell in less time than it took him to perform that incredible disarm.

Mike Creigton says:

Very good John. Always a great analysis and commentary. Have watched literally all if your videos.

kazumo maeda says:

That fool was hella lucky

GeneralMerten says:

well i would have killed that dude to be honest. People who doesnt care about other lifes should get the same treatment. At least the second should go for the head , helmet doesnt matter. As the owner i would simply deleted my cam footage and told the cops my point of the view. The winner is always telling the stories.

John Guy says:

Is this not a text book example? Imagine an officer disarmed a guy then shoots the perp. with it. Now think how the courtroom drama will go, the officer will get grilled for shooting an unarmed man and the officer might say, well he could of had another gun, at this point everyone rolls their eyes and say to them selves yeah right he had another gun. this is a great video on the dangers and unforeseen things that can happen.

Chif says:

The fact that the homeowner was able to disarm the robber and then looked like he'd never held a gun was absolutely hilarious. Another great video, glad the good guy won this one

MrElectricstorm says:

This almost seems fake however, crazy stuff happens everyday.

iKhmerReaper says:

He pulled the rush hour move no way…

Safe Home and Self Defense says:

I personally would have shot the guy until he dropped the 2nd gun. He was still a threat as we clearly saw.

Support AnimalRights says:

Just shoot the thief and dump the body like the mafia and serial killers do it. No body no evidence. That thief is just gonna go out and do a repeat.

Rick Quist says:

I'd have preferred a Mozambique outcome.

MissouriAviator says:

This looks completely fake

Les Lieb says:

Gut shot deer run a long way and die a miserable, horrible, slow, painful, agonizing death. I hope this gut shot douche bag learnt something from this.

Mr.Irish says:

That was real !

Justin Springstun says:

man I didn't think I had that dark of a sense of humor… hehe

Les Lieb says:

I do believe I would have pissed all over that assholes face after he lost his second gun.

Ben Schmidt says:

If I took a gun off of a bad guy and he pulled a second, I would probably empty that first gun into him.

Pyro Falcon says:

I would put one in his head…. gotta make sure he doesn't come back later for payback

unknown says:


Jorge Maciel Sanchez says:

2:15 laughing my mother fucken ass off! “So he’s just going to slighter away, back to the the garage door it came from”. Slighter away…. like Animals!

Cavin Austin says:

The homeowner didnt want to shoot it drove me crazy

Aidyn Gangemi says:

Wow fastest civilian disarm video I've seen yet!

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