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9mm vs .40 vs .45… which is better for self defense?

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Thomas Payton says:

as a Vet will always carry a 45 acp, i know what the 45 will do from

Big D says:

Very good advice…..thanks, and keep the gr8 videos coming.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

Highly intelligent, knowledgeable commentary.

Well done Sir!

hiphopsimile101 says:

Great vid man, I love the fact that your don’t let your physical issue hold
you back. I can see that you refuse to be a victim! This is encouraging! 

Bbzije1 says:

What a weird debate. They are all great options but if the chips are down
the biggest bullet takes the cake

AmericanMade says:

Dumb, stupid. Fence riding, cop out answer! The whole point is that ALL
OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL, which one is better. I’m glad I’m not subbed to
your channel. I carry 8 rounds of .45 and feel much safer than if I had 17+
rounds of 9mm because I intend to hit my target, and stop the threat
quickly. With a Nine, as is the case almost ALWAYS… it’s a spray and pray
affair. You HAVE to rapid fire, because 1 round just won’t do it. Many
times the bad doesn’t even realize they’ve been shot.

TheLocknLoadChannel says:

Great video and well said!

Mr. Anderson says:

True, but I’d rather be hit by a 9 than a .45 any day of the week, if I’m
going to get shot. Specially if I have body armor. 9 is going to bruise,
.45 is knocking the wind out and cracking some ribs.

mdspider says:

The best common sense explanation on the topic! 

Ryan Smith says:

I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t shoot 9mm better and quicker
(redundant?) than they shot .40 S&W or .45. 

Jarhead6 says:

agree 100%

camp168 says:

Thanks for the logical, common sense, approach! Great video.

jaysgame says:

It does not matter what you carry. What matters is where you put those
rounds when in a fight. Smart people go with 9mm and smaller. People who
believe in stupid shit like knock down power and etc. go with anything

Paul Baker says:

Great video. I definitely agree, shots on target trump caliber any day.
What good is a .45 if you can’t hit what you’re aiming at?

For me, after extensive research I went with .40 (Glock 22, Gen 4). I
couldn’t be happier. A balance of speed, capacity, and stopping power. I
can put many shots on target with little to no trouble at all.

I read your story below about the LEO putting 5 rounds of .45 into a
badguy. I don’t know what human even one filled with adrenaline can
withstand 5 shots of a .45 to the upper torso. That’s a big wake up call!
Thanks again.

Mark Jordan says:

The statistics that I heard (if correct I dont know), supposedly from FBI
files show the vast majority of attacks on people where they had to pull a
handgun occurred in under 5 yards, and only 20 percent of bullets hit a
vital area of the attacker AND the vast majority of victims had to shoot
long before they could get their gun up to the full arms length position
(most never got there). This would seem to indicate a heavy grain bullet is
better, and a magazine that carries more rounds is better. As well it
indicates that if you are only practicing shooting at arms length like at a
range, it is not really that valuable if your goal is to train for the
typical attack. The largest grain, hollow point 9mm round in a 15 or more
round magazine sounds ideal under these conditions.

AnAZPatriot says:

The fact of the matter is that handguns are horrible at killing people,
regardless of caliber, much as this gentleman states.. The only difference
in the long run between those 3 calibers is the number of rounds you can
carry in a single magazine, and cost.

Peter Viceroy says:

I see a lot of posturing and assuming in the replies to my comments. Let’s
simplify. I recommend no caliber! I recommend only a minimum of a 200 grain
bullet weight traveling at 1,000 feet per second at the muzzle for self
defense. This will give results that won’t disappoint. Anyone who would
like to discuss anything with me should contact me at:
[email protected] I answer all emails.

spiker84 says:

I like the 40. You still get a good amount of ‘put em on their ass’ power,
yet the ammo count closer to 9mm.

Nien-Breaker says:

Great video, and one more thing. This whole “knock down power” people like
to associate the .45 with is complete bullshit. A couple ounces of
lead/jacketed ammo could no way in hell knock a man on his ass on impact.
As stated in the video and by others, hand guns are the most ineffective
fire arm out there, so why would anyone thing it’s some magical knock down
hand cannon?

Joseph Basile says:

shot placement and multiple hits is the key to stopping an attacker not the
size of the bullet

Carl Spackler says:

10mm HE API Incendiary fragmentation fission mini nukes cause shooting
twice is just silly

2A_guy says:

I shoot my G36 almost as well as my G26. I prefer the added capacity if my
26. Sometimes use a 15 round mag.

Vann Sullivan says:

Great Video! and Great advice! 

mwilson70201 says:

Quoting Northwest “I did a little research (SAAMI specs), and
while the .45 ACP is indeed a lower pressure round (at 21000 PSI), both the
9×19 and .40S&W have the exact same spec at 35000 PSI. Why then are people
calling .40 “high pressure” and, in the same breath, saying that a round
that “isn’t” “high pressure” (9mm) is a better choice for firearm
Isn’t 9mm which is the same diameter round as a 380 a just a magnum 380?

Henry Meguess says:

You make good point. I bought a .45 acp 1911 I love the gun but I bought
it because of its history..I do carry it but I probably could have made a
better choice.
The best is the one you happen to have when you need it.

Dean James says:

Completely agree

15killerzombie says:

44 magnum raging bull…

Frank Wood says:

a bullet from a pistol is a hard fast moving object that i don’t want to
get hit with period. before 9mm 40sw and 45acp became popular with the
police, the 38spl was killing people all over the place.

takingu2skoo says:

great video I shoot like you I shoot better group tighter with my smaller

cjags1 says:

Perfectly said. Outstanding answer!

Kis Tamás says:

Testify brother!

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