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7 SIMPLE Self-Defense Tips That May SAVE Your Life!

Check out SimpliSafe SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It’s really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts. Check out SimpliSafe here: My Favorite Sunglasses: ENEMY (use code CRAZYCOOL15 for 15% Off) Best Hair Product in The UNIVERSE! Use Code: ALPHA10X for 10% OFF Your Order! Hair Product & Grooming Advice: Best Skin Care In The UNIVERSE! All promotion and advertising inquiries: [email protected] Instagram: Alpha M. App: FaceBook: Twitter: The best defense is a great offense. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is going on the offensive with SimpliSafe. Being on the offensive is more than protecting yourself physically — it’s all your reputation, finances, and family. DEFEND YOURSELF LIKE A GENTLEMAN 1. Think before you speak or post — think of the ramifications. Also, are you willing to suffer the consequences? Exercise restraint. 2. Stop assuming things because you can get yourself in trouble — it’s peace-of-mind to be proactive and be prepared. To not be a victim: be aware of your surroundings and look people in the eye, walk with your head up (bad people look for easy targets), and protect your house with a home security system. SimpliSafe is easy and customizable. You order it, it’s delivered, and you set it up. It’s professionally monitored from there. Check out Alpha unbox and set-up his system. 3. Be choosy with what you carry in your wallet — only carry one or two credit cards, your license, and some cash. The upside is that your wallet is nice and slim. You get RFID protection or an RFID card to prevent someone from skimming. 4. Don’t get sloppy drunk or hang out with those who get sloppy drunk — when intoxicated, your reflexes are slower, you don’t pay attention like you should, and emotions are amplified (aka fights break out). If your friends are always getting into fights and instigating, protect yourself by not hanging out with them. 5. Don’t drive like a jerk — which includes not giving the finger. 6. Have the ability to defend yourself — Alpha has a pump-action shotgun as protection and so he doesn’t feel vulnerable. Is having something in your home like this important to you? You must know how to operate it. Take lessons as it’s not a toy. You need to be safe! If you don’t like guns, get a bat! 7. Start to learn basic self-defense moves — if someone comes after you, know how to disorient them so you can get away. Don’t stand there and fight. It’s about being smart — don’t engage people.


Adopted gamer says:

I am 17 years old and I workout for 1hr and do boxing for 1.30 hr everyday…….it just helps me put my shit put together but I always give everyone respect messing up

But I am only 5ft 8 I need to be 6ft….

Brent Nielsen says:

I will not be quiet, it’s what the left wants…..

Steven Stirling says:

I’m not staying silent, and if I do; it’s so society just runs it’s rotten course and kills itself so I can gloat that I was right when lining up for the concentration camps…

Dustin Hanna says:

Lol the only tip you needed was the 2nd to last one even though he vastly understated it. Then recommended a pump action shotgun? I prefer my 10.5” AR-15. More ammo capacity, less recoil, easier to aim and control. And actually penetrates through walls less than buckshot. It’s better in every way shape and form. Not to mention much easier to operate. Nothing would be worse than short stroking that pump and having a dead gun when you need it the most which is real easy to do in a high stress situation

pekia Mohd says:

You are right man people are waiting to destroy you (good tip)👍

Ryan Cox says:

#8 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Dionte Jeffries says:

Hey alpha I'm a 13 year old boy and you are my best YouTube channel I watch your videos every day and I get motivated every day. And this video taught me how to stand up for myself, thank you very much!

Satvik Naithani says:

So much love ❤️♥️ from india

Rav June Gerngross says:

Actually… superb!!!

Disney Fan says:

I agree with all of them. Personally in the times we live in…I believe the first tip is the most important. Plus it’s always been the best thing you can do to avoid unnecessary crap.

Khalid Shah Durrani says:

Don't use a shotgun for home defense, you risk too much collateral damage. Use a handgun instead. Also, it's easier to grab a bigger gun from someone's hand, and you need to be able to operate it one-handed.

Jaden Dodd says:

Take Krav Maga classes you’ll thank me later

Robdoggierob says:

The whole "hearing a shotgun pump" is a myth. Don't rely on it.

Matt Graham says:

Just to address the first point – that's how cancel culture wins; I will never be made to feel like a bad person by those who assume the worst possible extreme of those they know nothing about.

The 'with me or against me' absolutists who have decided they're morally superior and everyone else is somehow on par with Hitler, are idiots.

Ray Ross says:

Does anyone else remember when Alpha was on shark tank?

Gaddai The Rage says:

I started boxing 2 years ago. Although it’s not self defense by any means since it’s just limited to my fists, it made me realize several things: 1) it’s actually pretty hard to throw a proper punch and hitting the target, and a lot of “self defense courses” that teaches people to poke eyes or other super precise moves are not as easy as it seems 2) on the other hand, an untrained person throwing wild punches can be just as dangerous, 3) it does help mentally because after repeated sparring it at least gets me accustomed to staring down another opponent (hopefully there is only one opponent and I have time to see them coming) and taking punches (at least I won’t be as shocked as someone who have never been struck before). But seriously though, I also realize that fights in a controlled environment are already pretty messy, and it’s best to avoid street fights. Also, self defense is more about buying that precious seconds where it give me time to run away—it’s not about dominating my opponent like in a school yard fight.

Dober says:

Active Self Protection would never approve these tips.

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