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7 Self-Defense Moves for Women Recommended by Professionals

The 7 easiest and most effective self-defense techniques for different situations. Anyone can do them no matter how big the attacker is.

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Josh Costa says:

Simplified version: when you can, knee or kick him the nuts. When you can't, then punch him in the nuts. Do this 2-3 times as hard as you can and then run away. Im a guy i can confirm any nut shot is game over especially super hard ESPECIALLY multiple times.

Jon D says:

Now, fair's fair. Feminism IS about "equality" between the genders, right? Right? So NOW, just to keep things equal, we need a video for 7 self-defense moves for men (against female attackers). Hey, fair's fair. I KNOW you're not trying to be "sexist" or gender bias in ANY way regarding this video, right? Right? No, no, of COURSE not.

simrah begum says:

Very helpful video☺👌👍👍.Thanks

China _152 says:

What if you're less than 2 ft. shorter than the attacker?

cybercat29 says:

You can add checking around your vehicle to see if your tires have not been tampered with along with doors and can use that time to also look inside your vehicle to see if anyone got in. Also when you are in your vehicle and have the keys in the ignition and the doors locked, don't sit there looking in the rear view mirror at your hair, etc. All you are doing is advertising that you are not paying attention to your surroundings and anyone can come and tap on the driver's side window to trick you into exiting your vehicle.

Evan Hammons says:

If you have ear acces, striking the side of their face will be worse for them

Becky Watts says:

Great video – I conceal carry

Anushka joshi says:

After watching this video, i don't need to go to a martial art school because they teach so well

Gary! Gary!Gary! says:

Thank god I naturally drive away women so I don't have to deal wit dis

Mairobis Delarosa says:

This is helpful. I will remember this in the future. 😉

Tiger and Zebra says:

Why do these only worm for women? Why can't these work for guys?

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