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5 Simple Unfair (Very Dirty) Fight Moves That Really Work! (WARNING)

Get Your FREE Lethal Fight Enders Here ► Self-defense in a bar, like any other situation, should prioritize personal safety and de-escalation whenever possible. Here are some tips for staying safe in a bar environment: Avoid Confrontation: The best way to stay safe is to avoid situations that might lead to violence. Stay away from heated arguments or confrontations, and if possible, walk away from potential trouble. Stay Sober: Alcohol impairs judgment and reaction time, making you more vulnerable. Drink responsibly and know your limits. Awareness: Pay attention to your surroundings. Stay aware of the people and atmosphere in the bar. Knowing what’s happening around you can help you identify potential threats early. Trust Your Instincts: If something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut and leave the situation immediately. Keep Your Distance: Maintain a comfortable personal space when interacting with others. This reduces the likelihood of physical altercations. Use Verbal De-escalation: Try to defuse tense situations with calm and assertive communication. Speak politely and avoid using aggressive language. Find Help: If a situation escalates, try to get the attention of the bar staff or bouncers to intervene and defuse the situation. Have a Plan: Know the exits and escape routes in case of an emergency. Have a plan for how to leave the bar quickly and safely if needed. Avoid Isolation: Don’t isolate yourself in a bar with someone you don’t trust or feel uncomfortable around. Use Self-Defense Techniques: If a physical altercation becomes unavoidable, use self-defense techniques if you know them. Techniques like blocking, parrying, and creating distance can be useful. Legal Considerations: Be aware of the laws in your area regarding self-defense. It’s important to know when and how you can use force to protect yourself. Travel in Groups: Going to a bar with friends can provide safety in numbers and reduce the likelihood of trouble. Keep Your Phone Handy: Have your phone with you and fully charged so you can call for help if needed. Self-Defense Training: Consider taking self-defense classes to learn effective techniques for defending yourself in various situations. Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and kickboxing are some martial arts styles that can be useful for self-defense. Be Cautious of Drinks: Keep an eye on your drink at all times to avoid drink tampering. Remember that the goal of self-defense is to protect yourself and avoid harm. Avoid unnecessary violence whenever possible, and prioritize your safety above all else. If you feel you are in immediate danger, call the police or seek help from bar staff or security. 20% off ► Did you know FightFast also sells tactical gear? ► If you liked this fight fast video and want to learn more simplified self defense subscribe to our channel by clicking here: Want to boost your self defense skills quickly? Fight Fast Advanced Fundamentals playlist: For over 30 years Threat Response Solutions and have been dedicated to teaching average people quick learn self defense techniques that actually work in a real life street fight. Our instruction works against larger, stronger, more aggressive opponents. To do this we’ve sought out the most experienced combat experts in the world, guys whose lives depend on their techniques actually working. Our instructors include former US and Israeli Special Forces soldiers, cage fighters, notorious street fighters, bar-room bouncers, and grizzled beat cops. If you want to learn from the best most experienced fighters in the world you are in the right place. FightFast Blog ► Facebook ► Instagram @TRSsurvival ► #SelfDefense #TRSsurvival #FightFast Bar fight street fight at a bar self-defense techniques, self-defense techniques for beginners, self-defense techniques against common attacks, simple self-defense techniques, self defense techniques, self defense, self defense moves, self defence techniques, crazy bar fights


broken bravo says:

What 1990's self defense guru series is this from? These will get you deleted in todays world

Youniverse says:

My bouncer secret was a 2000 lumen tactical flashlight with a quick strobe button. Can't see can't fight!

stevenator0281 says:

If a person is close enough to touch you, he's close enough to hit you and there isn't a thing that you can do about it.

Dumpsterfire says:

Do best to bite their nose off
Fight goes your way 99%

D T says:

Because of his moustache he has zero credibility 😂

C-Mo 313 says:

Why is Raymond painting his nails tho?

Ian Stedman says:

Pocket sand! Sha sha shaw!

210raab 210raab says:

One of the ways I like to hit the groin 0:37 😂😂😂

RogDE says:

Learn to walk away. Your bruised ego will recover faster than if you go to jail and bubba and friends play with you. Learn some verbal judo techniques-not like the police, they’re horrible at it.

r a says:

"Mister, I like the way you talk".hahaha…I like how he said "they're not gonna sit around and wrestle with you"

Adam Davis says:

ya, you wouldn't want to break a man's foot in a dirty street fight.

BASIC Programmer says:

Cough. Cough into your fist, and wipe your nose with your hand.

I walk. A LOT. Police sometimes look at me and approach. All I do is start coughing, and they look at me with disgust and leave. Works with people on the street, too.

Titu NHELZ says:

I'd hit his crotch with my palm and pull-out his whole spine. Easy.

– Scorpion

Callum Gillman says:

Man this is setting people up for some awesome jail time lol

Edgar says:

That hair pulling one is bs

Promaster2018 HOF says:

I’m any fight be gun knife fist or whatever
If you aren’t cheating you are loosing

bassettjj says:

Was this made in 1975?

Michael Mack says:

A fat guy with silver nail maaaan cutting someone headskin makes me feel really strange…

shay hossman says:

Pocket sand bitches!

Alfredo says:

Damn the 80s was wild

Patshes says:


CKNZ says:

So, if you are ever in the US and you run into a guy in a dive bar looking like Lemmy in a rugby top, best make sure you're wearing a box.

wmb1977ify says:

sheesh..sounds like this guy been in a lot of fights..

Diddley 0651 says:

The last time I checked who cares about Dirty shots, if they are in my Space I am going to do what it takes. My First move is a Kick to the Knee to bust the leg, that way it’s over with right away. I tell people if it get# that far I will literally bite his Johnson off of his Body, I will poke eyes, Bust knees, Throat Punch, Ear Drum Collapse. The Thing is I a, a Black belt in Tung Soo Do Moo da Kwan so my Master eventually Grand Master always taught to his those Pressure points but if not you do what’s needed to get home Safely.

Ingenious Baboon says:


Bubba Bean says:

Pulling hair and scratching are techniques I learned from my big sister when we were just kids.

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