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4 Ancient Karate Techniques For Practical Self-Defense

Learn the historical bunkai (practical kata applications) by Jesse Enkamp, from Okinawa – the birthplace of Karate. Handed down by Bubishi, the “bible of Karate”, these self-defence techniques were promoted by masters like Motobu Choki, Funakoshi Gichin and Mabuni Kenwa. The Bubishi was researched and translated by Patrick McCarthy (IRKRS / Koryu Uchinadi). Big thanks to Oliver Enkamp for the demonstration. Visit to learn more!


nao nino says:

You only use the robe to make a cool sound xd



Stefan Sandberg says:

I would love if you could do a "whole kata bunkai series". 🥋 I mean like a video series on specific kata you feel have great value for us interested in self-defense, where you show the kata in question and after that you break it into peaces and show us how to drill the techniques shown in the kata. 🥋 Osu! I would by it if you make a DVD out of it. 💪

Pasquale di Nuzzo says:

Great video and demonstration!!

合気道 體の使い方 says:


edi says:

Beautiful sequence and good techniques. Also, I´m a bit jealous of how you can move when in such deep stance. I can´t even do the horse stance or cossack squat right…

deadmike2 says:

today, most people try to fight like a boxer in a street fight situation.

Binary Ninja's POV says:

Those joint locks, even when you were being careful it looks like it would hurt a lot an attacker. Great moves I love your videos. You are demonstrating that traditional martial arts can be used for self defense and not just for sport. After all they were created for war originally so why shouldn't they be useful for defending yourself? I've studied Tae Kwon Do and Im practicing some sort of mixed martial arts but watching your videos are motivating me to look for a Karate Dojo

Don Fanto says:

Ending was amazing 😂

BadenWürttemberg Watch says:

Black belt from the book😀

Vince Hernly says:

i did this very exercise for a seminar presentation earlier this year. While most participants had heard of the Bubishi, few knew what is is or its contents. Fun Stuff!

North American YouTuber says:

But does it work under pressure?

David Borgemo says:

Jag älskar din entusiasm och glädje, märks att du älskar karate och det inspirerar!

SkillisForNoobs says:

It's funny to see this techniques here. They are used in Aikido too.

Luis Silva says:

Restomp the groin

Karate Training says:

Really nice demos – I like the flow part. Also, the first one offers a great application for parts of Unsu.

Cmd Dowd says:

Great drills good 4 reality those counter moves & Scrambling great 4 timing & reaction…! You have a deepening understanding of your Art..!

Bob Scott says:

My style his a hybrid of Karate and Japanese (Danzan ryu) Jujitsu and I also train in BJJ. The kata's are the traditional training techniques of Karate and clearly contain a lot of grappling, take down, throws, break outs, sweeps and joint locks so not strictly striking as you see in many modern styles. The deeper stances are really for take downs, throws and break out moves. JJJ, Judo and BJJ all use a version of horse, front and back stances but all for control, take downs and break outs not for striking.

Bob Scott says:

Okinawan Karate is more authentic. Japan watered it down for school children.

Brian Ipock says:

Awesome video!!! I can think 4 of my Isshin-ryu kata where these moves are present. Looking forward to sharing this information in the Dojo this week!!! Thank you very much for the work you do sir!

Felix Reyes says:

very interesting adaptation, can never get enough of the different viewpoint of these techniques. Studying Karate-do will never end!

Aaron Agnew says:

I really enjoyed this video. Thank you for the information and the clear explanations.

Irene Figueroa says:

I'm a JKD wing chun practitioner and I definitely see the practicality and effectiveness of this original karate is awesome.

Rob Baldwin says:

While the techniques in this video are interesting, and the Bubishi is definitely something I'm going to pick up and explore, I think the best part of this video is seeing how well the pair of you get on and behave as fantastic role models for everyone.

Tapas Dutta says:


FujianXiamen Guo says:

Jesse, why don't we go back and just study Southern Sholin White Crane Kung Fu and just skip the Okinawan interpretation or Middle Man? I have seen Southern White Crane, and it is powerful and beautiful. You should also look into it, too.

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